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Melbourne Bars & Restaurants As Taylor Swift Albums

by Georgia Trier

So the Eras tour has (kinda) been confirmed to come to Australia, and we could not be more excited. So, with this in mind, HCS have created a list of the equivalent Melbourne bars & restaurants to represent each of Taylor’s Albums. And no this wasn’t just an excuse for me to go back and re-listen to 12hrs of Taylor Swift at work (okay maybe it is, but please don’t tell my boss).

Taylor Swift

Merricks General Store
3460 Frankston – Flinders Rd, Merricks
merricks general store cafe morningtonpeninsula brunch coffee merricks beach lunch food best yum breakfast food 2 1

Okay, so yes this one technically isn’t in Melbourne, but trust me it’s worth the drive.

Merricks General Store is the perfect taste of country, without having to drive for hours.

Taylor’s debut album (titled Taylor Swift) was released when she was still rocking pin curls and cowgirl boots. She was just a country girl with a guitar and an incredible voice. So obviously Merricks General Store is the epitome of this time in Taylor’s life.

Merricks General Store is just over an hours drive from Melbourne CBD and is home to some of some of the most comforting food that Victoria’s got to offer. Indulge in some of their house-made produce and soak up the beautiful rustic scenery.

Pop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and who knows? Maybe you’ll even meet your own Tim McGraw. 

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Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

Bad Frankie
141 Greeves St, Fitzroy


Bad Frankie gives the same warm tea-stained glow and nostalgic energy as Fearless makes me feel. Fearless saw the switch up of Taylor’s sound from pop to country, in a move I like to call the ‘Hannah Montana Effect’.

Bad Frankie is the embodiment of an early 20th century bar. The venue was actually named after the infamous Governor of Van Diemen’s Land, John Franklin, who outlawed small pot stills in the early 19th Century. This ban led to an exorbitant amount of lost time in the distillery industry, hence why Frankie-boy is getting told-off in the venue’s name; Bad Frankie. 

Bad Frankie not only has a vast range of Australian spirits, but also a mouthwatering, everchanging menu of jaffles, which will remind you exactly what it felt like to be Fifteen.

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Speak Now 

Rock Sugar
477 Malvern Rd, South Yarra

rock sugar south yarra restaurants melbourne dining best top good asian unique 001

Who could forget the purple dress that Taylor rocked during her Speak Now tour. Well if it slipped your mind, Rock Sugar will remind you. This restaurant is bathed in purple light that is sure to stir memories of Taylor singing Dear John to thousands.

Rock Sugar brings authentic Thai flavours with modern cocktails. Their Fairy Floss Martini (#FluffedNotStirred) looks nothing short of enchanted. The venue blends the hustle and bustle of Bangkok with the beauty of Phi Phi Island and the youthful energy found at a Full Moon Party, to create the ultimate night out.

Although there’s no Tom Yum Goong, or Pad Thai on the menu, you won’t be missing out! Rock Sugar has designed a menu that will leave you delightfully surprised through their modern use of Thai flavours.

And what better place to go and celebrate Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) this July!

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Red (Taylor’s Version)

307 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Basco Bar Brunswick Bars Melbourne Hidden Laneway Cocktail Best Top Good Cool Unique After Work Mexican Fusion Northside 002

Okay, so yes Taylor had dawned a red lip before, but her album Red is what cemented it as an iconic Taylor Swift staple. Trust me when I say you will be sporting a trademarked TS red lip when you leave Basco.

Basco knows all too well that they are one of the most loved Mexican restaurants in Brunswick. Although they are far from what you could describe as ‘Traditional Mexican Food’, they bring the fun energy that could only be found at a fiesta.

As you walk through the doors, you will be greeted by the scrumptious smell of fresh Asian flavours paired with Mexican spices (A match I didn’t know I needed until I tried it).

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Abbey Road Cafe
129/131 Acland St, St Kilda

Abbey Road St Kilda Bar Top Best Melbourne Restaurant

Abbey Road Cafe gives rebirth to the vintage pop culture, which is exactly what the 1989 album did with 80s synth-style music. Trust me when I say you will be transported into your wildest dreams when you dine here.

Abbey Road Cafe was opened by brother-sister duo John and Angie. The pair have set out on a mission to combine fresh food, amazing drinks and a cracking good time, into one venue, and I think it’s safe to say that they’ve achieved their goal.

From their insta-worthy milkshakes to their burgers and chips, you will be sure to leave with a big ol’ smile on your face (and a belly full of yummy food!).

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Bad Decisions
46 Johnston St, Fitzroy

bad decisions bar bars best top to do cocktail fitzroy melbourne 012

Like all big world events, I think we all remember where we were when Reputation was released. Watching Zombie Taylor crawl out of a grave was a cultural reset for us all. This album aired out a lot of dirty laundry, including both her and other celebrities’ bad decisions (hehe see what I did there).

Bad Decisions is a Fitzroy favourite to all who know it. The leather seats and gold hardware is reminiscent of the golden throne Taylor sits in with her snakes (minus the whole snake-thing).

The name of the venue truly says it all. Bad Decisions is a tribute to all those choices you make that seemed like a really good idea at the time. And considering that they don’t close until 3am, you’ve got plenty of time to make a few.

The bar serves everything from cocktails to mocktails, and even a few snacks to go along with your drinks.

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Flovie Florist Cafe
261-263 Queensberry St, Carlton

Flovie Florist function rooms venues melbourne venue hire room birthday party event corporate wedding small engagement carlton 006 2

Lover, lover, lover. It’s giving pink, it’s giving pastels, it’s giving florals and butterflies. Flovie Florist Café brings all of these things together, like a beautiful bouquet with each flower perfectly placed. The name Flovie is actually a blend of the words Flower, Love and Life, which seems like perfect descriptors of the Lover album.

The cafe features an Asian-fusion menu that will be sure to satisfy whatever you’re craving. Whether you’re ordering the Curry Prawn Scrambled Eggs or the Magic Matcha Falls, each meals is equally a feast for the eyes as it is for the mouth.

If you are in your lover era, bring a date here. Or if not, romanticize your life and pick up a bouquet of flowers for yourself (did I mention they are a café AND florist).

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Half Acre
112 Munro St, South Melbourne

Half Acre Restaurant south melbourne Restaurants City Dining Best Top Good 001

Folklore was a warm hug when we all needed it most. Released at the dawn of the Pandemic, it featured a softer more folky style of music.

Half Acre brings the rustic charm and natural beauty that came with Folklore and it’s sweet simplicity.

The restaurant features wood-fired flavours that are perfect for those cooler Autumn nights. Take a seat in the glasshouse for dinner, or head through to the courtyard to grab a drink while surrounded by greenery and native ferns.

Pop in for Tomahawk Thursdays and enjoy a 1.2kg Southern Ranch Dry Aged Tomahawk Steak with Black Garlic Butter and Caramelised Onion Jus.

Or, if you’re wanting to spice up your Saturday morning come in for Half Acre’s 2-hour bottomless brunch and enjoy an array of sweet and savoury dishes, as well as free-flowing cocktails, mocktails, prosecco and wine. 

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Bodriggy Brewpub
245 Johnston St, Abbotsford

Bodriggy Brew Pub Bars Melbourne Bar Abbotsford Cocktails Good Date Night Top Live Music Kitchen Best Open Late Cocktails After Work 1

Evermore, the surprise sister album of Folklore was giving all sorts of cottage core vibes. Think a crackling fireplace, flannel shirts, and cosy energy. Bodriggy Brewpub encapsulates these elements is one big warehouse.

Similar to Evermore, Bodriggy Brewpub has something for everyone, with three different bars as well as a restaurant and brewery.

Start of in their Brewpub that was renovated from a old mechanic shop. Order a pint of ‘Fresh Froff’ and pair it with some Latin American food to satiate your cravings.

Head upstairs to Stingrays to experience some of the most amazing cocktails Melbourne’s got to offer. And if you’re down for a night of chuckles, come in for one of their monthly On The Gags stand-up shows.

If you’re just wanting a quick drink, grab something from the front bar, which doubles as a bottle-o.

And if you’re a bit of a nerd, take a tour of their brewery to learn everything from malting to mashing.

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Midnights (3am Edition)


336 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn

album4732 36366 nevermind bar melbourne bars hawthorn hidden laneway cocktail top best good 008

Dear Reader,

What better place to meet at midnight, than atop a rooftop bar. Look up as all the planets and the fates and all the stars align. 

But don’t leave just because the clock’s struck twelve. Nevermind is open until 3am!

You don’t have to be a Mastermind to know that this is the place to be found on night out.

Nevermind has a range of beer and wine on the menu, as well as some cocktails, that will put you in a lavender haze for the rest of the night.

And believe me when I say, Karma is Mick’s Tequila & Chipotle crust dipping sauce which comes alongside all of Nevermind’s pizzas. 

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