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Harvesting The Best Plant-Based Eats In Melbourne

by Cloey Nash

The weather is clearing up, the holidays are around the corner and you are wanting to catch up with loved ones. Typically, Melbourne has an abundance of restaurants to pick from but this time around, there aren’t so many. For those who are plant-based, going out to eat with friends or family can be tricky- and why is that? Well, being left with the option of garlic bread, chips, pumpkin risotto or a veggie patty in between a burger bun can get pretty boring. But, to make the plant-based eater in your life feel special, why not take them to one of these restaurants!

We have dug up the best spots in Melbourne for your next night out, where you will be able to eat and drink until your hearts content! Not only will you be able to make your plant-based eater happy with the variety of menu options available, but any stereotypes you have will be gone. Contrary to what people may think, a vegan or vegetarian diet doesn’t consist of eating lettuce leaf’s and bland tofu. Don’t believe us? Stick around and visit these restaurants.

After all, the CBD is your veggie patch full of restaurants waiting to be picked. So roll up your sleeves, grab your shovel and lets get digging to harvest your next restaurant.

Evie’s Disco Diner

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The first restaurant we are unearthing is Evie’s Disco Diner, located 15 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD. The special part about Evie’s is the 50 per-cent vegan menu– allowing plenty of options for both our plant-based and meat-eater friends. So, if you are planning an outing with a group of friends or your family, this could be the perfect option for you.

Paying homage to New York in the 80’s, Evie’s Disco Diner is bursting with energy and is the perfect spot if you are looking to have some fun! With so many events such as bottomless brunch, drag bingo, karaoke, and weekly drink and food specials, it will be hard to choose a night to meet up!

Of course, the food is the star of the show and they do not disappoint with their vegan friendly comfort food. They serve NYC diner comfort dishes like chicken and waffles, filet ‘o fish, hotdogs, and wings (which are all vegan friendly, of course). Your plant-based buddies will definitely be drowned by the options.

If that wasn’t enough, there is a full drinks menu which is also vegan friendly. I know what you are thinking- how can drinks not be vegan?  Well, it’s key to remember that being plant-based doesn’t just mean ditching meat. It also means not eating things that contain ingredients such as dairy or eggs (like a cocktail sour), but these drinks can be made vegan upon request! Ranging from wines, beers, a massive list of decadent cocktails and seltzers, Evie’s also offers alcoholic slushies! (or non-alcoholic for our friends who prefer not to drink). Trust us, with Melbourne summer beginning – you’ll be craving something cold.

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Mama Blu’s Kitchen


Picking a more exotic vegetable from the garden, Mama Blu’s Kitchen is Melbourne’s only Caribbean restaurant. Located 25 minute’s from the CBD, this venue will transport you through history with its delicious house-made dishes.

Now when you think of the Caribbean, you need to think of the people who make up its history. With roots from Spain, Africa, India, Mexico, South America and Britain, varying techniques and flavours combine together to create mouth-watering dishes. The added bonus here is the fact that dairy and wheat aren’t staples in Caribbean cooking. So, more dishes allow for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options to simply be apart of the normal menu.

While there are meat options available, the star of the show has to be the ‘Run Down’, which consists of tropical vegetables such as okra and plantain. This distinctive dish isn’t the only option available, with other foods such as Jerk fried mushrooms available. Jerk is a style of cooking that combines a sweet, spicy and smoky flavour of herbs and spices – and is a definite must try on the menu!

There is no shortage of drinks either, with a showcase on the classical flavours of the Caribbean. So, whilst there is a range of wines, beers and spirits, you must try the Rum when visiting! There is an extensive list of rum on the menu, with a ‘Rum Tour’ available to those who want to fully experience Mama Blu’s Kitchen!

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Rice Paper Scissors 

rice paper scissors restaurant fitzroy restaurants melbourne dining best top good asian vietnamese cool unique group 023

Everyone has their favourite vegetable to eat so let’s pick Rice Paper Scissors and see if it will be yours! For those bigger occasions when you want to do a family or friend get-together, this restaurant will be for you. Here at this Southeast Asian venue, sharing plates are encouraged to allow you to try as many dishes as possible.

Typically – this would be a plant-based eaters worst nightmare, but not this time! Here, there is no shortage of stunning vegan and vegetarian dishes that are packed full of flavour. These dishes are so delicious in-fact, that they will even have the meat-eaters of the group wanting more. With delectable menu items such as sticky soy tofu, beetroot curry and soya katsu bao, you will wish you had these dishes all to yourself.

A night out with friends (and particularly family) calls for alcohol – which there is no shortage of! With a cocktail list that encapsulates the flavours of Southeast Asia, these drinks aren’t to be shared. For a kick, try the ‘Tom Yum Yum,’ which has flavours of Bacardi coconut rum, chili and lemongrass. For those who may want something a little fruitier why not try ‘Dragon Punch,’ with zesty lemon, guava and strawberry bursts.

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Teddy Picker

Teddy Picker Restaurants Melbourne Restaurant Werribee Good Top Best Cool Romantic After Work 12 1

For those who prefer a more traditional style of vegetable lets harvest Teddy Picker which is located in Werribee. An hour from the CBD, this venue has classic meals and its own fully vegan menu to choose from. So the trip will definitely be worth it!

On the banks of the Werribee River, Teddy Picker is for all ages and group sizes. With an open-air venue, they specialise in pizzas which are hand-crafted and cooked to perfection in a custom pizza oven. With plant-based pizzas that offer vegan mozzarella (what a score!) you will have a hard time choosing what to order. Offering delicious fired pizzas like BBQ tofu, truffle mushroom and a ‘not tella’ dessert pizza, you won’t be able to give up even a slice! There are of course other options available, from freshly baked focaccia, plant-based schnitzel and Teddy’s spaghetti recipe.

If you were after something a little extra, there is a bottomless brunch available that has some scrumptious drinks. Speaking of drinks, let’s talk about the extensive drinks menu that Teddy offers. Carrying all of the classic beers and wines, there is also a unique list of cocktails. You can get these by the glass or to share (unless you really wanted to party woo!). This includes the Teddy Picker Punch which has a vodka base with fruit juice, sugar syrup and fresh citrus. So really, the perfect summer drink!

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St. Kilda

Lona restaurant restaurants eater st kilda melbourne bayside beach beachside spanish tapas latin mexican outdoor outside dining share groups 005

Our basket is almost full but we have one more vegetable to pick! This venue has a mix of all your favourite dishes – think pizza, tacos and burgers- but make it plant based! We welcome you to Lona, located in St Kilda. There is no better day out then enjoying the weather with friends at the beach and heading over for some delicious food.

With an airy dining space, there is a wide variety of choice available for anyone at the table! Some delicious vegan options include a mushroom quesadilla, croquettes and a ¼ pounder- yum! Here at Lona there is an emphasis on sharing plates but if you wanted one all for yourself, we definitely won’t judge!

For those fun weekends out with your friends at the beach there is a spin-off on brunch. Seriously, who wants to get up early? Not us! So Lona has an offer for ‘Drunch,’ which is drinks and lunch combined into one to give you the best day out. Offering your usual mimosas, wine, bubbles, beer, cider, seltzers and softies, you can also upgrade to cocktails. So, if beautiful weather, fun beach days, flowing alcohol and dizzyingly yummy food is your thing, Lona is waiting for you!

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Now that your basket is filled with new and exciting vegetables to try – the only thing left to do is share it with your loved ones! So take your filled basket and choose which one you want to share first (this is always the hardest part).

After visiting these venues you will believe that plant-based food is just as delicious as what is typically served. The added bonus here is not just your full belly – but your vegan buddy thanking you for thinking of them on a night out.

Still need some drinking options after eating?

Find some groovy bars to head over to!

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