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Melbourne’s Most Hidden Gem: This Rooftop Bar Is “Just Right” For Your Next Night Out

by Hayley Coulter

If you want to traipse your way into your next fairy tale, Goldilocks Rooftop Bar brings the whimsy with a hint of modern flavour to your next trip out!

Step into one of Melbourne’s best hidden rooftop bars with a quick magical flight (or elevator trip, same thing) up to the top of the Denyers Building and be welcomed into the rustic wonderland that’s practically leapt from the page.

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Goldilocks creates its own kingdom in the clouds with her little gardens dotted around the seating, injecting some colour among the sleek blacks and browns. Modern meets classic here, and the retractable roof is a style statement in itself that also serves the most practical purpose: saving all of us from Melbourne’s insane weather patterns.

For a little corner of Melbourne’s bar and restaurant scene, the space is effortlessly maximised with long benches and stools so everyone can immerse themselves in the view and effectively mingle with old and new friends. Whether you’d like to sit at the edge and sip a cocktail while immersed in the view, or grab a seat near the bar to watch the bartenders working their magic, options are endless and every night you spend here can be completely different.

No tale is complete without fairies! Or in this case, fairy lights that shimmer and perfect the dream of getting to relax in a little rooftop oasis while still being framed by the skyscrapers of Melbourne.

Hayley Cocktails Goldilocks 1

I know the moral of most fairy tales is not to judge a book by its cover, but how can I help that the pink “cover” of the Mumma Bear cocktail is absolutely gorgeous? The contents also happen to be delicious as well, with Rooster Rojo Tequila, pineapple and raspberry curating heaven in a glass for the resident sweet tooth of your party.

If you don’t think the Mumma Bear is for you, pull a Goldilocks and sample cocktails named after each character in her story! The adorable baby bear shots are another highlight, adorned with ice cubes in the shape of the bear himself. Their flavour changes daily, so you’ll always have a mouth-watering surprise waiting for you among the rooftops.

Craving a classic? The team at Goldilocks are prepped to quench anyone’s thirst with wine, beer or your more traditional cocktails. It’s the perfect drinks list to provide anyone in your group with a happy ending.

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Goldilocks boasts a yummy menu that stretches across the land into an Asian Fusion blend. With dumplings, bao, wontons, and more, the menu could honestly be retitled to “The Perfect Fairy Tale”. Pair the fabulous cocktails with some veggie wontons in spicy sauce, or some shanghai pork soup dumplings, or some deep fried chicken ribs… hungry yet? Me too.

For anyone just looking for something to nibble on as they catch up, Goldilocks is locked and loaded with the reliable go-to: beer battered fries. With a sweet potato option as well, the crispy goodness never stops.

Goldilocks Rooftop Bar Venue Hire Melbourne Function Rooms CBD Venues Birthday Party Engagement Event Cocktail Events Functions Small Large Room 001 3

If you’re feeling a bit lost in the woods for a night out this weekend, Goldilocks is the shining castle in the sky ready to welcome you! Jump in the clouds (or the skyscrapers) and live out an evening plucked from a storybook.

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You’ve had drinks in a fairy tale, now dine in paradise!

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