Uncle Tetsu
Best Dessert Cafes

55 Swanston St, Melbourne CBD, 3000

Uncle Tetsu's delicious dessert shop has been killing the game lately. They have opened up locations all over the globe, including Canada, America, South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan, and luckily for us, they have decided to bless our very own city of Melbourne with the scrumptious tastes of their Japanese cheesecakes.

You know the cheesecakes we mean. those super trendy and jiggly ones that have been making you drool over your Insta feed.  Well the good news is that your cheesecake dreams are about to come true at Uncle Tetsu's ! The bad news is that from now on you'll be known as "that weirdo whose always clutching a cheesecake".

Uncle Tetsu was also featured on our list of the yummiest dessert bars in Melbourne, which you can check out here!

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