Sefa Kitchen
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292 Bondi Rd, Bondi, 2026

Sefa Kitchen is a Bondi institution and offers a menu influenced by an ancient region in the Middle East called Levantine. Levant is the Mediterranean part of the Middle East, covering Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Cyprus and the South East corner of Turkey and the cuisine is literally a melting pot that incorporate traditions and ingredients from all counties.

Sefa reflects this style of cooking with its focus on using seasonal produce and locally sourced sustainable products. The result? Food that is nourishing and makes you feel good on the inside and out. Head Chef Devon Davis’ love of seasonal ingredients and locally sourced sustainable products comes from his childhood in Hawaii, a passion seen in his dishes today on the shores of Sydney.

The dining style at Sefa is in the form of meze, a communal way of celebrating food with a strong emphasis on the shared dining experience where quality food and drinks are enjoyed in the company of family and friends, otherwise known as “enjoying a Sefa moment”. Want something even more special? Sefa’s clay meze plates are handmade by the owner himself, Utku Ayhan.

Sefa Kitchen offers a range of boutique wines from wineries located both in Australia and overseas. Serving a series of mezes, unlike many restaurants, the intention is not to match the wine to certain dishes, but instead, offer a range of wines that can be enjoyed with all of the dishes available without overpowering them. Similarly, the cocktail list has been developed and adapted around the flavour Middle Eastern flavours and are created by Sefa’s mixologists.  You can expect to find home infused spirits such as the clove infused bourbon and homemade syrups like Moroccan fig or mint tea syrup on the drinks list, making cocktail hour all the more special.


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