The Nocturne
Intimate Function Venues

557 Crown St, Sydney, 2010

Nestled on the edge of Surry Hills, The Nocturne stands as an intimate haven for those seeking an escape from the ordinary. This small beer and cocktail bar casts a spell on every visitor, offering an escape from the drudgery of everyday life.

At The Nocturne, dimly lit ambience meets the artistry of mixology. Their skilled bartenders meticulously craft cocktails using only the freshest ingredients, and their rotating tap selection is curated from local breweries.

Beyond the liquid artistry, The Nocturne celebrates the spirit of community. Their cozy space encourages connections, a place where friends gather, and strangers become companions.

Come in with your work mates for Friday live music, or stop by alone and chat up their friendly bartenders and the cast of characters they call our locals.

The Nocturne is more than a bar; it's an invitation to savor the night. Let the hours slip away as you engage in laughter, relish in soulful conversations, and sip on concoctions that awaken your senses. The Nocturne stands as a testament to the magic that transpires when great drinks, great company, and an intimate setting intertwine.


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