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ABOUT Prego Restaurant
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Prego's simple philosophy of making their guests feel at special and feel at home is something that will put a smile on your face.

The family owned, Italian restaurant on Cambridge Street is eager to have you. They want you to enjoy good food and most of all, they want to make you happy!

The food, us true to its Mediterranean roots. Prepared by the owner/chef Joseph Souti with love and competence, poured into Italian favourites.

Owner / Chef Joseph Souti uses quality local and fresh produce, and according to one guest, knows how to put love on his plate.

Signature dishes include: 

Kunéfé Prego’s house speciality-layered shredded filo & haloumi cheese, spiced sugar syrup, roasted pistachio.

House-made Tortellini filled with Lebanese zucchini and tiger prawns, char grilled Moreton Bay Bugs.

Crispy Dick from wood-fire over served with apple polenta, green beans, cherry tomato jam.


Prego Restaurant is available for private functions & venue hire
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