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In 1929 seeds of discontent were spreading across the great state of WA. Sandgropers were livid about the one-way flow of riches from their toil to the federal government in Canberra. Men & women with pluck and determination started to meet in bars and pubs to plot a secession from the Commonwealth, and so, The Dominion League was formed, and a movement was started.

80 years on and the modern day Dominion League pays tribute to that passionate mob who have left their true imprint on not only the Beaufort Street bar, but and all that we love about WA.

The classic pub-style bar offers a speakeasy-style, dim-lit downstairs den where the clink of glasses, the smacking of lips and general sophisticated mischief is now the order of the day. Up on street level, you can enjoy the very best in spirits, cocktails, beers and wines whilst watching the outside world whirl past.


The Dominion League is available for private functions & venue hire
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