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Here are the Most Un-pho-gettable Stalls at this Year’s Night Noodle Market

It’s almost that time of year again. No not Christmas silly, the Night Noodle Market is coming back to town! Every year hoards of hungry Melbournians swarm Birrarung Mar which has been transformed into a bustling Asian food extravaganza, all for a mouthful of some of the city’s tastiest, trendiest and prettiest meals on offer.

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For those of you new to the noodle game, the Night Noodle Markets is one of Melb’s many cultural celebrations, but this one is defs the yummiest one going round. You can expect 20 smoking hot stalls, each slinging out its own quirky concoction, which usually will put a twist on the Asian classics we all know and love. Ranging from Taiwan to Hong Kong, Filipino to Korean fusion, you’ll be able to spend the whole day ticking off your gastronomic bucket list with Melbourne’s stun-ning glittering city-scape as your backdrop. Did we mention that you’ll also be blessing everyone’s Insta feeds with your drool-worthy #foodporn pics? If not for you, go to the noodle markets for them, your loyal Insta followers and stalkers.

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If for some reason food isn’t enough incentive to make you put on pants and leave your house, fear not for the Night Noodle Markets also hold live music concerts, DJ’s, ‘paint and sip’ art sessions and, for those of you that like your tea a little on the fermented side, there is a bottomless kombucha bar, but lets be real, the food is where its at here.

melbourne night noodle market best stalls

This year’s market is running from the 8th to the 25th of November 2018 and will be its second time coming to Melb as a stand alone event, (it used to run alongside Good Food Month) and this lineup of amazing stalls we’re about to spill on will show you exactly how the Night Noodle Markets were able to break off and do their own delicious thing. Here are the top stalls all you hopeless ramen-tics (we know, our punning skills are 10/10) need to check out!


wonderbao night noodle market melbourne best stalls

If you require all your food to look like a soft and fluffy pillow, Wonderbao is about to be your next fave grub spot! When the sun’s out, Wonderbao’s buns are out – BBQ pork, shittake mushroom and custard buns to be exact. Of course their signature gua baos will be making an appearance, but boy are you not even ready to hear what else is on offer. Okay get ready – Wonderbao’s signature *deep breath*  Korean fried chicken with house pickled daikon and fried tofu topped with lashings of okonomiyaki and kewpie mayo, house pickles nori and a sprinkle of togorashi for a zing of spice *exhale* – will be on offer for all you foodies that need your food to be as extra as you are. If finger lickin’ chicken is not your style, their juicy roast pork bao with hoi sin sauce and cucumber has your name written all over it. Wonderbao has become an institution of the market world, and one taste of their delish creations will make it very clear why.

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waffleland night noodle market melbourne best stalls

If breakfast foods for dinner is your thing, you must head over to Waffleland’s stall and try some of their extremely decadent waffles, or as we like to think of them, pancakes with abs. We’d also struggle to think of a company that gives their products such adorable names. You can look forward to gorging yourself on the Dancing Dragon, a fresh baked waffle with melted chocolate and icing sugar or the Cheeky Monkey, a fresh waffle stick with peanut butter, ice cream, bananas, pretzels, caramel syrup and wafer sticks. Maybe steer clear of any and all dentists after that one, but honestly it’ll be so worth it. These waffles should come with their own warning label, cause once you have one it is practically impossible to stop yourself from having more.

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Mr. Miyagi

mr miyagi night noodle markets melbourne

Now here is a stall that really needs no introduction. Ever since opening in 2013, Mr Miyagi has been blowing everyone’s minds with their innovative and mouth-watering Japanese dishes, and their market game is no different. Don’t worry, we know you’re not really paying attention to the words and are too busy drooling over the above pic, and yes, these delish dawgs will be available for you to snatch up. Truffle Wagyu beef or Peking duck Japa-dawgs will be ready and waiting for you, as well as a side of Mr. Miyagi’s signature wasabi fries for those of you who like a little spice. We guarantee this stall will be swarmed upon by all of Melb’s keenest foodie’s so we recommend hitting up this one early to beat the crowds!

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Oriental Tea House 

oriental tea house night noodle market melbourne

Making its Night Noodle Market debut this year, everyone’s favourite tea house will be stepping up to the plate with an arsenal of insane dishes on offer, mostly and thankfully consisting of their killer dumplings (‘killer dumplings’ would be an amazing movie btw, someone should get on that). The tantalising scents of chilli wagyu, ginger prawn and pan fried veggie dumplings will greet you as you stand in line, so get pumped for the meal you’re about to eat. Also on offer will be some Oriental Teahouse classics like the salt and pepper calamari that is practically impossible to say no to, and the peking duck wraps with plum sauce so good it’ll make you forget your own name (trust us, we’re still trying to remember ours over here).

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 Okay that sounds really really good and now we’ve officially made ourselves too hungry to go on. We’ll just see you at the Night Noodle Markets instead!

What: Night Noodle Markets

Where: Birrarung Marr, Batman Avenue, Melbourne

Price: Free Entry

When: 8th to the 25th of November 2018
Mon – Tue: 5pm – 9pm
Wed – Thu: 5pm – 11pm
Fri: 5pm – 11pm
Sat: 4pm – 10pm
Sun: 4pm – 9pm


By Aimee Traficante 

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