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The Best Places For A Pizza In Melbourne

I believe in freedom of speech and the same rights for all humans. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that no two people are alike. We all strive for happiness at different degrees of effort and satisfaction. We all see the world differently as a result of our experiences and the single thing that unifies us is the single thing that is universally worshipped more than life itself.

I’m talking about Pizza – capitalisation necessary.

I will acknowledge that this dish deemed sacrosanct means different things to different people. Perhaps it elicits a memory from your time in Florence, or a drunken 2am feed. Maybe a first date, or a date with the couch – whatever it may be, everyone has their own relationship with this meal that was sent from the heavens above.

Now I understand there are already swarms of lists that have been compiled by enthusiasts of the revered Italian dish, and that you may already have YOUR FAVOURITE pizza place, alongside YOUR FAVOURITE Thai which is “totally the best, OMG, like no seriously, THE BEST”.

Be that as it may, I will continue being a relentless car salesman when it comes to this topic (just ask my friends) and urge, badger and show up at your home until you go and get an utterly enjoyable sensory pizza experience at one of these ‘temples’.

All of the below have been thoroughly tested and assessed and scrutinised by yours truly with criteria being:

– Good dough

– Quality, authentic and non-stingy toppings

– Instagramworthiness

– Overall happiness

SO move over phoneys, for these pizza joints are more Italian than Pavarotti wrapped in Pastrami and are set to rock your world.


48H Pizza & Gnocchi Bar
373 Malvern Road, South Yarra

Best Pizza

All time Number 1. Accidentally stumbled across this little restaurant and it has quickly become more of a second home. Expect quality Italian ingredients, quality Italian service by quality Italians, and an authentic Italian atmosphere. Also, the Prosciutto Pizza….that is all. Oh, and they also do gnocchi!

19-21 Lincoln Square South, Carlton


Low key and nestled away in the backstreets of Carlton is Kaprica who have earnt themselves a cult following from phamished uni students, to families and everyone in between. Pizza’s are simple yet delicious, and so is their pasta.

Eat’aliano by Pino
122 Hight Street, Windsor


All the recipes and techniques that are used at this new comer have been lovingly passed down from Mammas and Nonnas, Papas and Nonnos, palpable upon first bite. In turn, a truly special dining experience follows. Pino has a passion for all things Cucina Italiana and how much more love can one receive than a heart shaped pizza….

Cucina & Co
325 New St, Brighton


Authentic. Fresh. Local. You would expect no less in Brighton darling – and the team at Cucina & CO serve up some damn good wood-fired dough that’s for sure. If you’re in Bayside, be sure to pop in for a feed that won’t disappoint.

Son of a Pizzaiolo
875 High Street, Thornbury


Low key café by day, pizza haven by night. You can literally smell the incredible odours through the streets of Thornbury as the restaurant comes to life in the evenings, serving up Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas. Just yum.

Rita’s Cafeteria
239 Johnston Street, Abbotsford


An institution in itself, Rita’s Cafeteria seems to always be full, every night of the week. What was once “the dodgy” end of Johnston has now become a thriving, go-to location. Chances are there may be a wait, but fear not, head straight across the street to Dr.Morse for a bevvy. I promise you it’s well worth the wait.

St Domenico Pizza Bar 
428 Bridge Rd, Richmond


St Domenico is not your regular pizza shop down the street (no ‘huts’ or ‘domino’ bricks found here). Instead, they are committed to creating upmarket, real Italian style pizzas and pastas that look as good as they taste.
*Word to the wise – Pick-up and deliveries on weekend nights can be a couple of hours so plan ahead!

The Posty
90 Swan St, Richmond


Wood-fired pizzas alongside a cold beer as you watch the world go by? You have arrived at your dream destination. The beloved Posty on Richmond’s Swan St is a great watering hole as well as a casual, relaxed dining venue. Pre- game, post-game, pre-drinking, post-drinking, casual catch up with friends, lonesome dinner on your own, their wood-fired pizzas are sure to please all and satisfy always.

26 Liverpool Street, Melbourne CBD


The masterminds behind SPQR have an impressive following already (think Lee Ho Fook, Pei Modern and City Wine Shop) and their latest venture brings Melbourne a slice of Italy – I’ll stop with the puns. Think New York pizza shop (without the dodgy ingredients) where you can buy a slice of fresh and devilishly tasty pizza, or alternatively, settle into the split-level dining room for a more formal affair.

Pinocchio Pizza Restaurant
152 Toorak Rd, South Yarra


This restaurant has stood the test of time and has called South Yarra its home for years. Ingredients are sourced fresh and the ‘less is more philosophy’ for pizza toppings is clung to. Sharing is caring here and further encouraged by their pizza size choices of Regular, Half Metre or Full Metre pizza options.

Augello’s Balwyn Ristorante & Pizzeria
200-202 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn


With its parent dining landmark on the Sunshine Coast, Augello’s finally opened in Melbourne to the delight of everyone. It offers modern Italian cuisine with a difference and delicious combinations which are set to tantalize your taste buds. For those looking for a pizza with a difference, don’t go past their Tuna & Salsa pizza which is a blended nori and sesame seed base with seared tuna on top of a myriad of other ingredients – it’s no wonder why it won the vote of the World’s Best Pizza in 2012… THE WORLDS!

9-11 Peel St, Collingwood



Don’t let the name throw you off – this is one hell of a pizza place. Their unique sourdough is cultured and proved for a minimum of 72 hours, hand-stretched and then cooked in the hand built wood fired oven at 400+ degree. They also use only the freshest ingredients to go a top of their masterpieces – this little piggy is a crowd favourite for good reason.


È tutto for now folks, now go mangiare!

By Bee Marffy


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