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The Best Date Bar In South Yarra?

by Bella Buettner

So you’ve done the impossible. You’ve moved past the awkward small talk, coordinated schedules and now you’ve got that first date coming up. Great; except you have to pick the bar, not so great. It has to be cool and fun, yet somehow still relaxed? So much pressure! Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered with your new favourite date spot, Shadowboxer. 

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And if you’re not in the mood to waste your time on someone who doesn’t understand the difference between an Aperol and a Negroni, don’t worry far from being a one trick pony, Shadowboxer is the perfect backdrop for your fabulous girls night. Or flying solo for the night with some well deserved me time? With staff that feel like friends and food that you won’t want to share, you’ve come to the right place! However, if love is on the brain, here’s why they’re great for dates.

The South Yarra bar is hidden away from the craziness of Chapel Street; situated on Toorak road, the dreamy set up is a converted terrace house. Split into two main seating areas, you can choose to sit outside in the street facing courtyard, which is draped in greenery and soft warm light; the perfect spot to sit and watch the sunset or sit and stare into each other’s eyes.

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Alternatively if you’re coming on one of Melbourne’s typical icy evenings, you can choose to sit inside, the minimalist décor is sure to catch your eye (and impress your date), the rooms sophisticated white and navy colour palette sets Shadowboxer apart from the usual, dark and moody aesthetic many bars go for.

Now if you’ve come for drinks then you’re at the right place. With so many favourites it’s hard to narrow it down to just one, although the Pink G&T and the Bramble cocktail are two that should definitely be on your list. In the mood for a wine? Well the wine and beer list are entirely of the local, Australian variety, a fun fact you can throw in if your date isn’t as chatty as you’d hoped.

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If your date is going well, then you know what they say; time flies when you’re having fun. Oops now its dinner time, time to check out Shadowboxer’s food options. You won’t be disappointed. If you’re still shy about eating in front of each other and just want something to nibble on, the chips with salt and pepper or Pork Cheek fritters are delicious and perfect to share. Not ready to share at this point? Go the ricotta and porcini gnocchi, if you’re not in love with your date you’ll be in love with dish.

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Need more convincing that this is the ultimate date bar? A little over a year ago a couple actually tied the knot under the arches at Shadowboxer; and whilst on a date recently, by complete coincidence a friend was also on a date there, if all of that isn’t a good sign I don’t know what is. Alternatively if your date doesn’t go well, you’ve still managed to find a new favourite bar!

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So good luck out there, remember we all go on bad dates, but that doesn’t mean you should have to suffer through one in a bad location. So go fall in love, if not with your date, then with Shadowboxer.

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