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Bring On Spontaneous Dates With These Affordable CBD Restaurants

Wanting to lengthen those tinder date drinks? Perhaps you’re starved and want to power up before a night out. Did you just run into your best friend from high school that you haven’t spoken to in years? Maybe you’re bonding over leaving an assignment to the last minute with someone at university and you decide to procrastinate… We can save you that awkward roaming down the streets and peering into windows.

It’s a hard life keeping the social life and the bank account balanced, many of us know the struggles from being students, unemployed and just generally busy. If you ever want to buy that house you’ve always dreamed of maybe you should give some of these popular and cheap eating out places a go. The future you will love you for it.

If you’re romantic enough (or organised enough) to plan out a picnic in the park then you’re the real winner here, but for those who are looking for something a little easier to lay out here’s some suggestions for you.


Hawker Boys
85 Hardware Ln, Melbourne CBD

hawker-boys-restaurant-hardware lane-vietnamese-affordable-cheap-ambient-peaceful-vibrant-melbourne-food-eat out-take away-modern-cuisine-cbd-city

With a bright and modern feel, Hawker boys is a great, quick lunch stop for those spontaneous budget-food enthusiasts out there. If you’re popping in for a cute lunch date you’ll find yourself satisfied with $12.50 pork or vegetable spring rolls, or perhaps the $12.80 char siu BBQ pork will catch your eye. If you’re looking for a little lunchtime buzz you can also keep the day interesting with glasses of wine for $8 a pop!

The place does busy up in the evenings and might require a booking, however, with tasty food that’s so affordable it might be worth picking up the phone. It may be casual, but cheap food attracts people like moths to a lamp, so don’t miss out.

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Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co
97 Elizabeth St, Melbourne CBD

-melbourne-bettys-burgers-chips-cheap-affordable-easy-food-restaurant-beach-theme-cute-bright-trendy-where to eat-city-cbd-melbourne-bettys-burgers-chips-cheap-affordable-easy-food-restaurant-beach-theme-cute-bright-trendy-where to eat-city-cbd

Who doesn’t love the beach, we Melburnians have been craving some beachy feels through such a drab winter. Now that spring has sprung you can pop into Betty’s Burger’s on Elizabeth Street to enjoy great deals and wondrous meals with a $10 burger! Not only are they an affordable treat, Betty’s will also blow you back to the beach with their gorgeous interior design. It’ll be an Insta-worthy date that you can flaunt to your friends on social media, and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

You can pair a delicious burger with a decadent dessert for under $20! And if you’re feeling extra hungry fries are a bargain addition too.

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11 Inch Pizza
5B 359/353 Little Collins St, Melbourne CBD

-pizza-melbourne-city-best-good-cheap-affordable-date location-italian-calzone-focaccia-yum-tasty-authentic-easy-restaurant-eat-food

Pizza is always a great option when it comes to affordable and impulsive meal options, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love pizza!? It’s a great date possibility when you aren’t 100% sure what your special friend fancies on their plate.  You’ll be raving about satiating your craving for pizza at 11 Inch with their casual and accessible location, where you can grab a whole gourmet pizza for under $20! Forget about Dominos, these Pizzas are affordable too, but more delicious! Not to mention, the atmosphere in 11 inch is much more suited to a sit down date. 11 Inch puts love on your plate and is worth the short walk through the CBD for.

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Sushi Hub
Shop 2/55 Swanston St, Melbourne CBD


Feeling fishy? We know you’ll be wanting some delicious sushi once you see what’s on offer at Sushi Hub. The bustling Swanston street location definitely makes for high demand sushi, which means you can get it fresh all the time! There’s a fair range of options for you to choose from and it’s all affordable. You can choose from an extensive selection of Maki rolls around $3 each! You’ll blow your date away by flaunting your knowledge of hidden gems in Melbourne by taking them into Sushi Hub. What seems at first like a take away street sushi shop becomes so much more once you take a step inside and feast your eyes on some amazing architecture and interior design. In fact the Japanese inspired décor is so amazing that Sushi Hub have literally won an architecture design award for it.

If you don’t know how hungry you or your date are Sushi Hub is a stellar option, as you can choose your serving sizes with the amount of options you choose from the menu. If you’re in for a quickie date, the service is fast and fantastic.

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88 Flinders Ln, Melbourne CBD

-melbourne-pezzo-restaurant-dining-casual-date place-pizza-italian-cuisine-cbd-city-cheap-affordable-chips-lampb-calamari-ice cream-flinders

You don’t have to empty out your pockets to give Pezzo’s pizza pockets a go, treat yourself to some authentic Italian street food. You can snatch yourself a loaded pizza pocket for under $15! What’s not to love about food that is the whole package; it looks great, tastes great and won’t dent the savings account. If you’re unsure of what food you feel like, take a squiz of the menu at Pezzo and I’m sure you’ll find something that tickles your fancy (and the fancy of your date of course). Everyone knows that Flinders Lane has some wonderful little places that you hope you’ll one day encounter, and you’ll be thanking me for telling you about this one.

The atmosphere in Pezzo inspires excitement from the floor to the ceiling. The classic yet modern style will impress you and your date, and trust me when I say you’ll be heavily tempted to photograph your food before you inhale it.

[More Info + Gallery] | [Contact Venue]

Delhi Streets
22 Katherine Pl, Melbourne CBD


Located close to Southern Cross Station, Delhi streets is here to whisk Melburnians off with a taste of India. This restaurant’s menu is diverse and caters for everyone’s desires, with countless options in regards to spiciness and dietary requirements/preferences. There are vegan options, vegetarian options and even options for those who go dairy free. A simple $12 can get you vegetarian thali, a wrap, a pizza, or chicken tikka tacos!

Table bookings are recommended due to the size of the restaurant and it’s growing popularity, so perhaps save this location for dates that are a little more organised. However, due to the quick service and delicious food, you won’t be spending long in the cosy abode of Delhi Streets, so the spontaneity of your date can come afterwards when you wander off to lengthen your date with more excitement. You’ll also be tempted to start things off here by getting jazzier with bargain $6 beers.

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By Grace Thomas

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