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Nightclub Downstairs, Band Room Upstairs. Cool Grungy Nightclub in Carlton

by Brent Atkins

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Once an old church which was initially built back in 1835, Queensberry St now holds itself to an exciting dance club, Colour.

The cool and grungy landscape has been home to many cool clubs in the past, lastly being known as Yours&Mine. It has now been taken over by former gig bookers and current DJ’s, Liam Alexander and Ben Rausa. The duo known collectively as 6am AT THE GARAGE, opened the club alongside former Lounge owner Carlo Colosimo, a popular club previously known for its vibrant culture. The shut down of Lounge was a big hit to the alternative dance community, but now northsiders are lucky enough to now have a new home in Carlton.

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Using the antique landscape of the near 200 year-old building, Colour is fitted with cool engraved transparent signs keeping the feel minimal but also mysterious with the dim coloured lighting placed throughout venue. The club also has a 24 hour license in which it operates all weekend (besides Sunday 7am-10am) with a dancefloor downstairs and a band room upstairs. This brings a unique experience to Melbourne nightlife with people having both options of band and dance music all under one roof.

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Downstairs features a dance floor and industry best Funktion-One sound system, where DJ’s will be playing eclectic dance music to get your body moving. With the dance floor being dimly lit, it provides a sensual experience where you can dance for hours. If you are not in the mood for dancing, there is plenty of booths for you to sit down and have a drink with your friends.

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When making your way upstairs, you are greeted with nothing but the colour orange, literally. Colour’s ‘Orange Room’ features a nice long bar where you can stand and have a chat with your mates or watch the music from a distance. With more of a band room setting, you can stand and watch exciting live acts if that’s more your thing.

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You can find highly anticipated internationals gracing the DJ booth of Colour from time to time. Highly regarded international DJ’s Shanti Celeste, Moxie and Peach have all played at the venue (in the one night!). You will also find talented local favourites such as Andras and Merve play from time to time.

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Colour is always providing something different and exciting for attendees. There are some fun upcoming events such as Parallax_Altered on March 21, where there will be a night of boundary pushing music and art installations on display from various artists within the venue. Club directors Ben and Liam will also be celebrating their 6th birthday of 6am AT THE GARAGE on March 13.

Whether it is bands, dance or mingling, Colour provides a uniquely curated experience for everyone.

Find out more about Colour [click here]

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