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Melbourne’s Most Droolworthy SnacksMar 20, 2018

Picture this – you’re on your second kale-spinach-coconut-chia smoothie of the week. Empty tuna cans are building up in your bin, and broccoli is starting to taste like cardboard.

Yep, it’s time for a little pick-me-up. You deserve a snack (or seven), and why not go all-out with one of these absolutely mouth-watering treats.

Naked for Satan
285 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Naked for Satan’s rooftop terrace, Naked in the Sky, features one of the all-time greatest bar menus in Melbourne. From grilled prawn skewers to popcorn chicken, they have the snack scene down pat. However, the greatest of all is their Crumbed Eggplant with Honey and Blue Cheese. This flavoursome bite to eat comes out scorching hot, covered in a generous layer of crunchy breadcrumbs, oozing with cheesy goodness and honey. The sweet and spicy flavours perfectly complement each other; you definitely don’t have to like vegetables to love this tasty morsel. After one or two bites, you’ll be signalling the waiter for another round of this simple, yet satisfying tidbit.

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D’Lish Fish
3/105 Beach St, Port Melbourne

A fish and chip shop only serves fish and chips right? Oh, how wrong you are. This little Port Melbourne eatery has upped the stakes in the fast food department. D’Lish Fish isn’t just home to a range of seafood items, but also, the Deep-Fried Nutella Ball. Take a moment to compose yourself and let the words sink in.

Deep. Fried. Nutella. Ball. Encased in a crispy, battered sphere, these Nutella balls are served warm and doused in a layer of sweet chocolate (cue heavy breathing). This special treat comes in a pack of two, but there’s no shame in ordering more than one pack…

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Old School Pizza
436/438 Moreland Rd, Brunswick West

One slice of pizza never seems to be enough, until now. Old School Pizza is proving bigger is better with their 15-inch mega slices. Aptly named “Jawbreakers”, this ‘snack’ (more like breakfast, lunch and dinner in one) is too good to pass up. Their 100% curd mozzarella cheese and specialty dough is shredded and made daily, as is their signature tomato sauce. The Pepperoni Jawbreaker is perhaps a slice best shared by two people, but nonetheless it will curb any pre-dinner cravings you may have. One slice is just one slice though, right? That’s what you can tell yourself anyway.

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Mr Piccolo Kitchen & Bar
507 Macaulay Rd, Kensington

Located in the heart of Kensington, this underrated Italian dining space is perfect for something small to nibble on. With a large range of starters and share plates, there’s something delicious for everyone. In particular, the Salt and Pepper Calamari Fritti is not one to overlook. This tastebud teaser is lightly coated with semolina and served with a side of tangy aioli and lemon. It goes down way too easily, especially when paired with a cold beer or fine wine. When you’re experiencing pangs of hunger at around the 4pm mark, the calamari will be there to tide you over until dinner.

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Candied Bakery
81A Hudsons Rd, Spotswood

This Aussie bakery puts an American twist on everything they make, with a larger-than-life menu and enough cake to last a lifetime. From lamingtons, fruit buns, cookies and croissants, you will be absolutely spoilt for choice. However, the one treat to rule them all is not in this list. If you want to ‘kill hungry/thirsty dead’, you have to order their iconic Apple Pie Shake. When they say apple pie shake, they mean apple pie shake. It’s not vanilla ice-cream with cinnamon added. No, no – this is the real deal. Quite literally, pastry and apple are pulverised into the thickshake of your dreams. Is it food? Is it a drink? Let’s go with, ‘frink’. This ‘frink’ is sure to fill that apple pie-shaped hole in your life.

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Hot Star Chicken
233 Swanston St, Melbourne CBD

Some days, you just want to eat something hefty and satisfying and protein-y and large. Hot Star is that something. Their most popular item, the Large Fried Chicken (no joke, it’s bigger than your head) is the chicken nugget of your dreams. This Taiwanese oversized, crispy chicken treat is super moist, oh-so-tender and deep-fried to absolute perfection. There’s not much more to say, really. When you want something finger-licking good, buy a 250g Hot Star bad boy. You’ll feel badass walking through the Melbourne streets with almost a whole chicken in your hand.

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84 Bay St, Port Melbourne

Straight off the bat, you know anything called ‘petit gateau’ is 1. French and 2. A work of art in food form. When you’re craving the ultimate sweet treat to have with your coffee or tea, look no further. Noisette’s Salted Caramel Éclair will absolutely change your life. Filled with a thick, salted caramel filling and topped with a tempered dark chocolate sheet (we’re already salivating), this will have you fixated from the first mouthful. This decadent treat has to be tried to be believed. Disclaimer: Noisette cannot be held responsible for any loss of self-control in their store. The onus is on you!

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By Isabella Batkovic


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