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Melbourne Brunch Spots to Cure Your Sunday Hangover

by Georgia Trier

Have you ever had a hangover that was so bad that you just needed the perfect post-night-out-brunch to cure it?

I mean the type of hangover where you wake up on the floor of the bathroom, with an aching spine (that thing about sleeping on the floor being better for you back is definitely a myth) and a lingering taste of stomach acid on your tongue.

Sometimes a smashed avo just doesn’t cut it, which is why we’ve created a list of some of Melbourne’s Best Brunch Spots that will make you forget about any of the drunken mischief you got up to the night before. So drench yourself in some deodorant, chuck on some sunnies,  and head to one of these spots to bring yourself back to life.

Serotonin Eatery

52 Madden Grove, Burnley 

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Undo any damage you’ve done to your poor liver at Serotonin Eatery, where they have created a sanctuary to nourish your body.

Serotonin Eatery believes that “optimal health requires a holistic approach” which is why they combine their eatery with free exercise classes and monthly education events to ensure a thriving community.

However, after a big night out I’m sure you can skip the class and go straight into the eatery.

Serotonin’s use of fresh, organic, local & fair trade ingredients will put life back into your body and revitalize your soul. And no matter what you order, you’ll be sure to get a large serve of serotonin with each meal.

A personal rec from me would be their protein nachos. I didn’t know you could feel so refreshed and satisfied after nachos until I tried these. They use Organic Australian artisan blue corn totopos topped with a protein-rich smoky walnut & shiitake mushroom taco meat and a myriad of other delicious toppings. These nachos marry a classic hangover food and fresh organic ingredients to create a feast you will remember the next day.

There is so much on the menu here that will be sure to rejuvenate your soul. By the time you’re on your way home, you’ll be preaching that your body is a temple and on your way to buy a yoga mat.

Pro tip #1: Pear Juice

Did you know that drinking a glass of pear juice before you start drinking can lower the affects of a hangover? Look, if I’m completely honest, the science behind this one is a bit hearsay, but, I saw it on TikTok so you know, it must be true (but pls don’t come for me if it doesn’t work).

Seratonin Eatory even has pear in their Glowing Bluice, so if you’re too late to pre with pear juice, get some into ya after the fact.

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16/20 Leeds St, Footscray

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I don’t know what happened in your house growing up, but in mine, after any sort of big event, I would wake up in the morning to my Dad cooking Bubble and Squeak on the stove, and let me tell you something, I’m strictly an out of bed after 11 kind of girl, but when I smelt that mix of flavours on the stove, I didn’t care if it was 4 hours too early for me to be awake – I was in the kitchen faster than my eyes could open.

But here’s the thing, I’m a fully grown adult now and my Dad cannot sneak into my house every time I go out just to cook me some brekkie – no matter how much I might want him to. So, I’ve had to find somewhere else that to curve my craving for a scrummy breakfast.

And guess what… Rudimentary in Footscray has got Bubble and Squeak on the menu! And although they haven’t got my Dad in the back cooking up a storm, they still do pretty good for themselves.

Now, everyone makes bubble and squeak a little bit differently, but it can never be made wrong. At Rudimentary they make theirs with potatoes, lentils, caramelized onion fritters, poached eggs, hollandaise and a choice of ham hock or cavolo nero (that’s Italian kale for us uncultured folk).

If bubble and squeak isn’t your thing, fret not! There is plenty more on the menu from a Charred Pork Sandwich, to a Breakfast Roll filled with bacon egg and everything else you could want.

Pro tip #2: Ginger

Do remember when you were about 11 years old and you got car sick so your Mum pulled into a servo and made you drink a bottle of ginger beer – please tell me it wasn’t just me. Well turns out there’s actually a reason she did that. Ginger is actually very affective in relieving feelings of nausea and vomiting (this one’s actually a fact guys, you can look it up).

And, would you believe it, Rudimentary actually has a beetroot, apple and ginger juice on the menu. So if you’ve got that swirling feeling in your stomach and that numb back of the throat, order a round of juices for you and your mates and trust me they’ll thank you.

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Lankan Tucker

486 Albion St, Brunswick West


*Photo Credit: Lankan Tucker Facebook Page

This café’s perfect blend of Sri Lankan and Australian cuisine is sure to cure any ailments you may be suffering.

The concept was brought to life by co-owner Nerissa Jayasingha who at a young age would go out of the way to conceal her Sri Lankan heritage. It was through opening Lankan Tucker that she embraced her culture and blended Sri Lankan flavours with some of the classic Aussie dishes she had grown up with.

The menu features two signature drinks, each inspired by classic drinks from each cuisine. The first drink is a Faluda, which is a sweet Sri Lankan milkshake made with sherbet syrup, basil seeds, milk, jelly chunks and vanilla ice cream.

The second drink is a classic Iced Milo, but trust me when I say this one’s better than the one your Mum would serve up on a Sunday arvo. It starts with the base of milo and milk, but to take it to that extra level, they’ve added a scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped the whole thing off with a milo brownie – YUM!

Now for that hangover cure I promised. Well, Lankan Tucker has self-proclaimed that their Kotthu Roti is “the number one street food that also helps cure a hangover”. For those who are unfamiliar with this dish, you are about to get very well acquainted. Kotthu Roti is a stir fried dish, made with shredded roti, shredded vegetables, egg, soy sauce and chili, and if you’re wanting that something extra, ask to have some curry thrown in there as well.

All the ingredients for the perfect hangover cure if you ask me! However, the hangover part isn’t necessary to enjoy this meal – it can be enjoyed just as much without the headache and oncoming nausea (if not more).

Pro tip #3: Stay in Bed

Sometimes there is nothing to be done except commando crawl into the shower, wash off the memories of the night before, and jump into bed. So in the case of the worst of the worst hangovers, set up your laptop, watch a bit of The Office, and order yourself some UberEats.

You can even order from Lankan Tucker if you want a real treat, because did I mention, they’re available for delivery? You can enjoy a serving of Kotthu Roti without even having to leave the comfort of your home. Now that’s what I call the perfect cure for a hangover.

Forget The Panadol.

We’ve Got Your Sunday Hangover Sorted!


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