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A Cocktail Hit Straight From an IV Drip is on Offer at This All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Hotspot

by Hannah Matchett

Set down your cosmos and hold onto your hats cocktail lovers, because your favourite all-you-can-eat Japanese joint, Grand Lafayette, have just dropped a brand new cocktail line up that’s set to change the game.

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We’re talking boozy masterpieces so good you’ll wish you could have a constant flow of them straight into your glass. And that’s precisely what Grand Lafayette have gone and done.

The team at the Prahran eatery have heard the slightly unorthodox prayers of you beautifully weird humans, and responded with their ‘Witch Antidote’ cocktail.

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This magic concoction of squeezed strawberry, lime, blueberry, apple and black currant literally comes in your very own drip bag that feeds the good stuff straight into your waiting glass.

As if the obnoxiously realistic stand and drip feed perched beside your table weren’t extra enough, watch as the staff unveil the finishing touch –  an orb of applewood smoking tequila. This concoction is the stuff of glorious boozy dreams (or nightmares).

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Once you’ve wet your thirst for the unconventional with a Witch Antidote, you’d be hard done by to miss out on a ‘Mimosa Poison‘.  Grand Lafayette have devised an eclectic take on the breakfast classic, with their unique blend of Blue Curacao, sparkling wine and lemonade.

What better way to down your drink than from a glass orb of glowing blue liquid with a side of freshly plucked eyeballs? Relax – they actually taste better than they look. Likely due to the uncanny resemblance they bare to a lychee and a blueberry.

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For those who find the idea of drinking from a drip bag or alongside some rouge eyeballs to be a little morbid – grow up, I say. But there are plenty of other options for those less adventurous with their choice of poison.

Basic-at-hearts rejoice because Grand Lafayette have just combined your two favourite drinks – gin and kombucha – into a hauntingly delicious cocktail. Get on the sauce without the guilt with a ‘Kombucha Spritz’ – a ginger kombucha with a kick gin, lime and aperol.

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And as if the sick cocktail menu isn’t enough, Grand Lafayette are serving up some of the best Japanese cuisine going around.

We’re talking succulent Pork Tongkasu, Tako Karaage, the ever-popular Yakitori, and of course – sushi and sashimi all round. Whip out your phones and snap away because these dishes are some serious food porn.

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