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The Best Ice Cream In Melbourne

So why are we writing about ice cream when the sun barely makes a presence in our day and we can’t live without the heater on? Well, that’s why you keep reading. Duh!

Leave your Ben and Jerry’s days aside, and venture off into new ice cream territory!

Ice cream has always been one of those things that caters to every age. Regardless of the season, you need ice cream as much as you need water in your life. Dramatic? Maybe a little. But you get the point. So gather your friends, try out these mouth-watering gelato joints and you’ll definitely be posting an Instagram worthy photo that day. I know it’s cold and we all have developed sensitive teeth over winter but you’ll definitely feel differently after tasting delicious ice-cream and gelato right here in Melbourne – who needs Italy anyway!

Piccolina Gelateria
802 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

Providing authentic Italian gelato, Piccolina is a definite favourite in Melbourne’s east! You’ll be spoilt by choice with a selection of over 20 natural flavours. As suggested by the great Italians, you must enjoy your gelato with a freshly baked Italian brioche bun – ah those clever Romans. To carry on this tradition, Piccolina offer their famous ‘bread, butter and jam’ flavour that certainly raises questions why you only order plain vanilla ice cream everywhere else in the world…

Ever wanted a giant Ferrero Rocher? No? That might just be me…but gelato cakes are available at Piccolina. Time to show off to your snobby ice cream friends that you really do have great taste in gelato by ordering a Ferrerolina Rocher which combines 3 different flavours of gelato. Gelato birthday cake? Definitely!

Also, Ubereats delivers straight to your couch. Well, the front door but close enough.


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299 Lygon Street, Carlton

Handmade daily, Pidapipo is right at the top of the list and also fun to say 5 times in a row. Really fast. How good can gelato really get? Well, really really good. Real fruits, real flavours and real gelato. Highlights to look out for are pistachio, coconut, rose and Nutella swirl. Creative flavours are a big hit so don’t be surprised when there is a line out the door. Patience. And you’ll be rewarded with generous servings and fresh fruit flavours or lots and lots of Nutella if you’re a chocolate fanatic. Gelato in a waffle cone or in an authentic brioche bun (with toppings!)….the choice is yours!

Oh also, Nutella on tap. Need I say more?


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Zero Gradi
93-97 Lygon Street, Brunswick East

Like pizza? I mean, LOVE pizza? Well, this is the place for you. Pizza-inspired flavours (that’s right, you read correctly), that will have you coming back for more…12 flavours to be specific.

Start your Monday blues off with a Margherita gelato! Or something more traditional like salted caramel, pistachio, lemon or even bounty gelato. A Nutella tap is also a big feature at Zero Gradi and is a MUST add-on to your gelato creation. If that isn’t enough, whipped cream, wafer cookies and white or dark chocolate are also available! There are new flavours each week so get down to Lygon Street to satisfy every pizza/ice cream craving!


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75 Acland Street, St Kilda

La Dolce Vita. I had to look up the meaning but something along the lines of the sweet life. Or the good life. Either one, 7apples provides 26 artisanal flavours handmade each day for those sweet tooth lovers. Priding itself on providing award winning gelato since 2001, you can understand why there is a line all the way down to the beach even on a cold winter’s day.

7apples centres their entire gelato creation on providing every customer with excellent service and mouth-watering gelato which also offers its delicious flavours at Emporium and Chadstone Shopping Centre.


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Billy van Creamy
27 Best Street, Fitzroy North

Gelato in a food truck? Well, officially began in a truck but has moved to a semi-permanent location in North Fitzroy.

Finally, a gelato location where ingredients such as the milk, nuts and fruits are all organic (how fitting for its Fitzroy neighbours). Spoilt for choice, Billy van Creamy will leave you taste testing all the flavours – make sure you don’t pass on their Macadamia and Honey or Peanut Butter and Jam! Did I mention they create ice cream sandwiches?

Get in line for creamy vegan chocolate gelato that will certainly become a favourite! And coffee lovers, don’t worry…espresso gelato is also available just for you and your coffee addicted friends!


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Miinot Gelato
71 Melville Road, Pascoe Vale South

So if you’re from the eastern suburbs, why bother driving ALL the way to other side to get some gelato? My question to you is ‘Why not?

Need a bit of a booze to get you through the week? Well, try the English trifle flavour and you’ll get a buzz without your co-workers knowing! Other flavours to look out for are Nudge Nudge Wink Wink, Surprise Me, Blondie and Totes Nuts. Need something gluten-free/vegan? Well, you’re in the right place. Long Grass, More, More, More and After Dinner will please your appetite!

There may not be many spots available to sit…so grab your whacky gelato flavours, get in the car and put the heater on!


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N2 Extreme Gelato
329 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

It may not be gelato per-say, but it makes the cut. Creamy and creative flavours through the production of liquid nitrogen. You can watch the whole creation being made right in front of your eyes.

A definite favourite? Peanut Butter crushed Tim Tams. Pretty self-explanatory and pretty delicious! For absolute chocolate lovers, add an extreme syringe of caramel or chocolate. Regrets? Not right away…but maybe don’t tell your personal trainer. Rotating flavours every fortnight, you’ll be sure to catch a weird flavour or two! There’s even a store in Paris! Don’t believe me? Just google it!


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Aqua S
16 Red Cape Ln, Melbourne CBD

Are you adventurous? Do you post every meal you have on Instagram? Do you eat with your eyes? Are you a fan of the colour blue?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, then this is the place for you.

Sea salt soft serve. Gives sea-sell-sea-shells-by-the-seashore a run for its money that’s for SURE..It’s basically sea salt flavoured soft serve, wrapped around lots and lots and lots of fairy floss, sweet popcorn, popping candy and a toasted marshmallow. Pretty simple! The whole atmosphere of the store along with your floating ice cream is perfect for a relaxing yet appetising Friday afternoon. Flavours change fortnightly!


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Gelato Messina
237 Smith Street, Fitzroy

Is it really worth standing in line for gelato? If you rolled your eyes, then you definitely need to sort out your priorities in life. Just kidding…Or am I?

Messina offer 40 gelato flavours and cakes to try out with weekly specials. Are you a Hazelnut addict? Try the Ramsay Bolton. Pavlova tickling your fancy? Try the Pavlova. More of a strawberry enthusiast? Attempt to finish a Strawbaccio or Strawberry Fudge Cheesecake.

Pssst, they also deliver. Can’t get any better than this, right?


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 Il Melograno
76 High Street, Northcote

Just your average café serving coffee and poached eggs on toast? You better look twice. Il Melograno serves the ultimate gelato. You may not find the gelato at first because it’s hidden under special lids to preserve the taste and texture. To be exact, in an airtight chamber known as the pozetti system. Flavours may depend on the season but favourites include chocolate and Himalayan rock salt, mint sorbet, pear and chai sorbet, and coconut and chocolate chip gelato. Something for everyone, right?

Too early for ice cream? Never. Start off with an affogato with your avo on toast – we promise it’s worth not ever buying a house!


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By Sahar Nessar


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