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Satisfy Your American-Food Cravings at these 6 Melbourne Restaurants

by Aldwin Matawaran

Do you feel the sudden need for food filled with American goodness? Maybe the diner scene from Pulp Fiction has got you craving $5 milkshakes – or maybe a Gordon Ramsay video on YouTube has you watering at the mouth for a burger.

Well, whatever the reason – we’re here to help. Here are six American restaurants to satisfy those cheese steak and hot dog cravings.

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Le Bon Ton
51 Gipps St, Collingwood

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Let’s start off with the south-inspired Le Bon Ton! At this BBQ restaurant, brothers Jeremy and Cristopher will take your taste buds from New Mexico all the way to Alabama.

Their smokehouse brisket is done Texas-style while their fish and crab cakes comes from the Louisiana Gult Coast. From their A-La-Carte menu, you can get the Crispy Smoked Lamb Ribs served with sweet & sour BBQ sauce. And for only $19.50 you can get your hands on the mouth-watering Le Bon Ton Cheeseburger – which is a char-grilled wagyu beef patty with crispy bacon cheddar cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles, spicy ketchup and aioli.

Their bar team also provides a range of wines, craft beers, and boutique spirits. They boast a world-class cocktail list and offer a selection of aperitifs and digestives.

But Le Bon Ton’s amazingness doesn’t end there. The venue is divided into three unique spaces. The public bar/courtyard is a perfect space for hosting a casual event with mates. They also have The Absinthe Room which can seat up to 45 for a sit-down dinner. Lastly, they have the dining room that can cater for approximately 60 guests or 110 in a cocktail style event.

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The Kodiak Club
272 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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Find refuge from the winter chill at the warm welcoming space of Kodiak Club. The restaurant offers American classics like buffalo wings, house-made corn bread and molasses-laced Illinois meatballs.

Take yourself to the streets of New York by ordering Kodiak’s $12 American Dog served with onion, tomato sauce, mustard and cheese. Or for $14 you can treat yourself to the Mushroom Burger, packed with fat Portobello mushrooms, American cheese, dill pickles, red onion, ketchup, mustard and ranch sauce. You can also add a side of crinkle fries for an extra $5.

While the main restaurant brings to mind images of North American wilderness and warm hunting lodges, its sister bar – Little Blood – transports you to the world of Mexican drinks and food. Little Blood is decorated with mariachi sombreros hanging from the ceiling and posters of the famous luchador “El Santo”. The interior is candle-lit, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. The bar’s American chefs offers a choice of fresh taquitos, tostadas and corn chips. They also have an array of cocktails, beers and tequilas.

Visit the venue in person and let the staff will help you navigate your way through their diverse menu!

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Evie’s Disco Diner
230/232 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

Who needs a time-machine when you can experience the past just by visiting Evie’s. This diner’s 1980’s Italian design will bring you forty years into the past!

This Memphis-Group inspired restaurant boasts a spacious dance floor, an extensive vegan menu, a night-club quality sound system and a DJ booth on the mezzanine. Evie’s glossed tables are made to look like diving boards and can be easily put away so you can have more space to bust out those moves later. The venue is also decorated in the 80’s quintessential colours: bubble-gum pink and cobalt blue.

For $16 you can enjoy the super fun Mac Daddy! It’s a triple stacked, double patty burger with cheese, pickles, crisp lettuce and burger sauce. But if that’s too much for you, you can opt for the best-selling item on the menu: the vegan chicken burger. Other American favourites like Philly cheese steaks and hot dogs are available as well. They also have vegan options for their milkshakes, pancakes and fritters.

Get your moves ready and swing by this vegan-friendly 80’s disco diner.

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Belles Hot Chicken
147 Elizabeth St, Melbourne
150 Gertrude St, Fitzroy
727 Collins St, Docklands

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Belles Hot Chicken founder Morgan McGlone is doing us a huge favour by bringing southern-style hot wings to Melbourne!

Choose from their selection of tenders, wings and drumsticks – all featuring a crunchy coating that envelopes succulent meat. You can have it lightly seasoned in a ‘southern’ coating – or if you’re feeling adventurous, go all the way up to the ‘Sex Panther’ which they describe as a  ‘tear-jerking’ level of spiciness. Their selection of sauces includes Belles hot sauce, ranch dressing and the Mississippi Comeback which is a combination of mayo and chilli sauce. Despite the restaurant’s name, Belles is not a one-trick pony. They are also very much into their natural wines. 

Visit one of their locations in Melbourne and see if you can handle the heat.

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White Oaks Saloon
115-117 Greville St, Prahran

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The White Oaks Saloon wants to bring you the best of the Southern States without having to leave Melbourne.

This neon-lit venue will guide you through the southern states with its tastebud-tickling food. For starters, choose from Louisiana crab cakes, New Orleans remoulade, southern deep-fried shrimp and more. Their menu also offers southern quesadillas, Carolina pork sliders and deep-fried shrimp tacos. You can even enjoy Deadpool’s favourite, the Carolina BBQ pulled pork chimichanga. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a saloon without an array of U.S. craft beers, wines and spirits. White Oaks puts an emphasis on the use of products made purely in the Americas. Their cocktail selection ranges from Hazel’s Passion (Krol vodka, hazelnut liquer, passionfruit syrup, orange and passionfruit Juice) to the El Diablo (Botella del sol tequila blanco, fruitlab hibiscus liqueur, lime Juice, ginger Beer). They serve all cocktails with metal straws and coasters, making it a good candidate for your Friday night Instagram post.

This bar is brought to you by brothers Nicolas and Thomas Welch and is located among the cultural boutiques of Greville Street. Pay them a visit and immerse yourself in the sounds of Motown and Mississippi Delta blues.

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The Silverlake Social
198 Chapel St, Prahran

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This time the brothers Nicolas and Thomas Welch are offering you the authentic southern Californian local tap-house experience. The venue takes its name from the L.A. neighbourhood Silverlake – the town known for its food trucks, bars, music and cultural diversity.

Just like White Oaks, this Prahran restaurant will introduce you to many American anthems and drinks. Their cocktail list includes the Silverlake (Jalapeno-infused vodka, strawberry, agave nectar, lime juice, blood orange soda). Their craft beers and spirits come from various regions of the United States and for $18 you can get one of their fridge beers and a matching shot to go with it!

There is also plenty of familiar sports bar sights such as a pool table, huge beer taps and bright neon lights. The Silverlake Social TV is often playing NBA and NFL games, so you can boast to your mates while your sports team wins.

Their menu offers classics like the Silverlake Dog, buffalo chicken wings, Van Nuys Tinga burrito and more. 

Experience a ‘Golden State of Mind’ at this So-Cal inspired restaurant.

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