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5 Fun Bars You Need to Check Out This WeekendAug 16, 2019

Sometimes, your regular wild weekend drinks need somewhere a little bit “extra” to spice it up. From sinking golf balls to sinking Harry Potter-inspired cocktails, these fun bars  will take your next sesh to the next level.

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Basement 93 – 95 Queen St, Melbourne

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Australia’s first dedicated e-sports bar, GG EZ is the place to go if you enjoy a beer with your mates but Fox Sports isn’t your thing. TV screens cover the walls, streaming games like League of Legends, PUBG and Overwatch. The drinks are great too, with a fan favourite being the boozy bubble teas. The fun cocktails are inspired by classic video games like Pokémon, LOL and Crash Bandicoot.

GG EZ hosts weekly trivia nights and runs many gaming tournaments each month. Their Super Smash Bros. tournament is one of the most popular ones. There’s always something fun on for you and your buddies to get drunk at! Is there anything better than having a bev and smashing your mate Kevin at Smash Bros.? Didn’t think so.

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185 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

This hidden CBD favourite makes you feel as if you’re entering another world. Ascending the dark, secret staircase leading to the bar teleports you into a world of glowing mushrooms and flaming drinks. Speaking of, the drinks menu is full of exciting and whimsical tipples straight from a storybook. Try the Harry Potter-themed drinks, such as the Butterbeer, Golden Snitch or the Goblet of Fire. The latter arrives at your table alight, just remember to extinguish the flames before you take a sip! Another favourite is the Down the Rabbit Hole, which is a mystery cocktail for two, served in a fancy teapot. The mixture changes weekly, so it’s always sure to delight and surprise.

Storyville truly is the Narnia of Melbourne and if these food and drinks aren’t fun enough, live music and DJ’s frequent the venue. Because of this, you can have a boogie under the toadstools while you down your Polyjuice Potion.

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Holey Moley
590 Little Bourke St, Melbourne

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Sinking putts and sinking tinnies is looked down upon at the local mini-golf course, but now you won’t get dirty looks from parents. Enter Holey Moley, the multi-storey mini-golf bar in the heart of the CBD. With two different courses filled with pop-culture references, there’s no way you won’t have fun here. There are so many great photo ops, take a seat on The Simpsons’ famous couch before you take a putt or put your whole arm in the face of the Luna Park entrance (you know the one).

The perfect spot for a date or with a group of friends to dag around on the greens with, Holey Moley has a fully-stocked bar with a large selection of beer and wine. The standout of the bar menu is its golfy cocktails. With names such as “On the Green”, “Pink Tee” and “Sugar Caddy” it’s hard to resist these delicious drinks.

For those who aren’t big in the nightlife scene, this might be the type of clubbing for them, no ifs, ands or putts.

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Basement, 335 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

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A popular bar amongst arcade game and pinball enthusiasts, this Flinders Lane bar is a casual place to drink and play. Full of classic and rare arcade cabinets and pinball machines, there’s something for all kinds of gamers, from casual Donkey Kong climbers to masterful Super Space Invaders players. The beers and spirits are flowing from the bar as you play. A selection of beers are on tap and a variety of craft and imported beers are there for your drinking pleasure. The cocktails are also fun, with the “Mario-Mai-Tai”, “Diddy Kong” and the Back to the Future themed “Delorean”.

If arcade games aren’t really your thing, there are plenty of old-school consoles to play on. There are PlayStations (1 and 2), N64s and Xboxes to challenge your friends to or to play solo. Bartronica also have private rooms to book which have popular games like Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. to play with a larger group of people. The bar has newly been renovated so it is looking slicker than ever! So the time is now to grab a beer, your mates and a controller and game/drink the night away.

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142 Greville St, Prahran

tokosan japanese prahran

Awarded Melbourne’s best new bar in 2017, this Japanese bar and restaurant is full of fun drinks and karaoke. Whether you’re having a party, celebration or just a general get-together, the karaoke room can be hired any day of the week for some good vibes and great (or not so great) singing. Walk-ins are welcome but you aren’t guaranteed the room, so it’s best to book in advance to snag your place!

Even if you have an awful singing voice, increase your confidence with the large selection of drinks at the bar. A variety of international beers are available, including all your favourite Japanese brews.  The cocktails are inspired by the Kill Bill movies, and have a touch of Japanese flavour and flair to them. Try out the kill-bilini for a real sweet treat, made with champagne and a fruity sorbet of your choice.

[More Info] | [Contact Venue]

So the next time you think Melbourne bars are boring, just know that there are countless fun places to drink, dance and play the night away. Whether it’s destroying your friends at Super Smash Bros. or watching your favourite e-sports on the big screen, you’ll never be bored again!

By Sarah Panther

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