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Not Your Average Bush TuckerSep 29, 2016

When it comes to food, I’m not that hard to please. A simple pasta with Napoli sauce finished with some cheese is something I would jump at in a heartbeat…so long as it’s good. Life’s simple pleasures are often the best, but I’m not going to lie, there’s something truly exciting about opening a menu that has dishes with ingredients you a) have never heard of and b) wouldn’t think to pair together.

Blackwood, in the heart of the CBD is a real stand out amongst Adelaide’s food scene and encompasses Australian cuisine – something we have grappled with for so long. So much multiculturism in our beautiful country means it’s often difficult to say something is truly “Australian”, so when you see ingredients on the menu such as “ice plant”,  “geraldton wax”,  “bush tomato” and “native currants”, initially you may be perplexed, but I can assure you, Blackwood is giving the “eat local” mantra an entirely new meaning.


It’s the baby of Jock Zonfrillo’s family. Sharing the same DNA (and house) with Orana, a long time foodie destination in Adelaide, Restaurant Blackwood delivers the same level of “wow” on just a slightly small and less “la-di-da” scale. Enticing people with their sumptuous meals that are just a little different than you would find at your average run of the mill restaurant.

Pages and pages of menu items aren’t a thing here either. You’re invited to choose from a handful of carefully selected and delicately created meals – making the whole experience that much more impressive, and for a fusspot like me who takes up to an hour panicking about whether or not I’m making the right choice, it means anxiety levels are significantly decreased.

Restaurant Blackwood - Top Restaurants Adelaide

We highly recommend the Goolwa cockles, 1KG of them to be exact, which are served with beach succulents, creamy broth & damper (let your camping memories flood in), or the perfectly cooked pork T-Bone with charred cabbage, native spinach & quandong. Leaving room for desert, a must try is the peanut & macadamia parfait which exceeds all expectations.

Restaurant Blackwood - Modern Australian Restaurants Adelaide

For a true taste of a fine dining experience that doesn’t need you to mortgage your house, make sure that you put Blackwood on the top of your list of places to visit.

Restaurant Blackwood is open for Lunch and Dinner every day of the week and serve Brunch on Sundays from 9am.




By Bee Marffy


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