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A Slice Of New York In AdelaideSep 20, 2016

Bet you thought you would never hear that sentence. Sure the city isn’t exactly reminiscent of a concrete jungle, but across the road from the Adelaide Town Hall you’ll find a little slice of the Big Apple that even Trump may be impressed by…

Electra House Hotel is a heritage listed building which has recently undergone a full refurb, seeing a multi-level, multi-purpose space take up residence, which is just as appealing to the eyes as it is to the senses. Whilst it has maintained many of its old features, like its famous 6-metre high ceilings, the interior has had a contemporary face-lift – like a true New Yorker.  It encapsulates New York style, old buildings that look rather inept, but as soon as you step foot inside, you’re reaching for the phone to call Vogue Living so they can do a feature on the beautifully designed, contemporary interior.

Level One Restaurant

Taking Asian fusion to a whole other level (see what I did there), the menu is designed specifically for sharing, delivered to the table as a flowing banquet.

Chef Satoshi Kikuchi’s Japanese heritage plays a large part in the menu, seen through the delicacy and artful presentation of his dishes. It seems that “fusion” food is everywhere, but according to him, Level One is where “East meets South”, through Eastern flavours and techniques fused with quality and locally sourced South Australian produce.

Looking for a function space that will deliver on style as well as service? We invite you to pick a side, because if there is one thing I learnt from my time in Manhattan, it’s that there is no swinging both ways – you’re either East or West.

Electra House offer two main function spaces which feel like New York styled loft apartments.

Electra House Hotel - Function Venue Adelaide

Eastside showcases designer lighting, lounges and furniture throughout, epitomising an upper eastside apartment, whilst on the other side of the building, Westside truly feels like a modern, ultra-cool Meatpacking District loft with its industrial lighting and raw brick walls.

With an in-house event management team, Electra can cater for any event or occasion, big or small.

Now to arguably the most important part of the building…the bar, and by now you can safely assume it’s not just any old one at that.

The Chamber Bar, located on the ground floor is a communal-style dining hall featuring high-bench and booth seating, adorned with classic 1900’s plaster works and pillars. There is the adjoining Garden Bar that, let’s just say, is not your typical beer garden either, where it’s safe to sit anywhere and not run the risk of plonking down in a puddle of beer or a puddle of, well, a result of too much beer.

Electra House Hotel - Bar Adelaide

No chance of this here. Surrounded by raw brickwork and hanging greenery, you get to take in the cityscape in a very sophisticated space that is perfect for a drink no matter what the occasion. There is also a great bar menu available.

So get ELECTRA-fied, and check out the buzzing Electra House Hotel.



By Bee Marffy

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