Kumo Izakaya & Sake Bar
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152 Lygon St, Brunswick, 3057

An izakaya is not just a restaurant or a bar: an izakaya is place where eating and drinking take equal parts. But it is more than this: it is a meeting place, somewhere to bond and forget the worries of the day. Izakayas started as local eating places, where the locals would finish work and go to their izakaya, have a couple of drinks and stay for an hour or 10. In Japan izakayas are known for their 'homeliness'-everyone knows your name and you are welcome whether you are alone or with friends.

Izakayas have a great range of small and large dishes ordered as-you-like-it as the night unfolds. You don't have to choose between sashimi, deep fried, meat, vegetarian or other copious choices of food, beer, sake or drinks-just have a bit of everything and share. Izakayas are the perfect blend of bar and food.

Kumo is the destination izakaya for Japanophiles: those Japan-obsessed people who want to get inside the izakaya culture and experience it in an immersive (not dumbed-down) way.

Kumo Izakaya is available for pricate functions and exclusive venue hire

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