Epocha is located at the CBD end of Rathdowne St, overlooking the Carlton Gardens. Set in a Victorian terrace, Epocha has dining spaces over two floors. On the ground floor is our main dining room and an outdoor terrace, while on the first floor, Hannah's Bar and the Maybelle Room have their own private balcony.

Our lush views of the picturesque Carlton Gardens are second to none, and yet we are located only a short stroll from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne CBD.

Epocha means 'a new or distinctive era', or 'a measure of time', and has the same meaning in most languages across Europe.

Epocha's menu features sharing dishes with humble origins of Europe - tasty and wholesome food to nourish the soul. Our wine list offers a small range of regional drinking wines, carefully selected to complement our food. Epocha's friendly and experienced team will guide all of our guests to ensure a warm, memorable experience.

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