Concrete Boots Bar
Function Venue Hire

381 Burnley St, Richmond, 3121

With it’s down-to-earth demeanour, Concrete Boots Bar is the perfect Richmond venue space for your next event.

This function venue holds up to 150 people and includes:

  • a commercial kitchen;

  • fully stocked bar;

  • 1am last-call; and

  • the entire venue (inside &/or outside), with complete customization control.

Whether it's your birthday, your retirement or your engagement, Concrete Boots Bar have everything you need to pull-off a night to remember - flexibility is their animal!

The following information will outline what's proven to be the most popular options. However - as they are a flexible bunch and believe that you gotta fight for your right to party - any unstated wants or needs will be happily catted-out.


The Space:

The floor plan can be moved around Tetris style and decorated with anything your heart desires – from balloons to piñatas. There is even a projector where you can showcase your savvy media skills and whatever you would like to hook up on the screen.


The Sounds:

With a full International Club DJ standard setup, Boots can set you up with a local DJ or BYO (they heard your mate fancies himself on the wheels of steel).

Alternatively, you can also bust out your Spotify playlists with all the greatest hits - Let's see what you got! Boot's speaker system allows them to isolate the dancefloor so you can still hear a mate talk your ear off at one end of the venue while cranking up your bangers on the dancefloor end.

There is a speech-ready / sing-ready wireless microphone to help make some ears bleed too.


The Drinks and The Food

Boots' fine intoxicants include 12 taps of local (proudly) independent breweries, some of Richmond's finest classic and modern cocktails, and local wines.

Treat your guests to a cocktail on arrival or have one of their fine bartenders customise up a drink specific for your tastes and occasion.

The kitchen will have a constant stream of people pleasing platters from canapés, one-bite wonders and Baby Boots Burgers to satisfy all types from vegan to protein pounders.

Boots doesn't believe in room-hire fees, even in Melbourne's sexxy inner-city. So, if having the run of the joint is your desire, the only Boots requirement is that a minimum-spend be reached. The minimum-spend is dependent on your preferred time-of-the-year and, of course, day-of-the-week.


Intimate Events –

For your more smaller gatherings like your 29th, Sandra’s Leaving Do, Your ‘Best Mate’s Welcome Back’ or ‘I’m off to London’ Party, they can section off a smaller area for you and your guests to party exclusively if your guest list is more intimate.


Exclusive Events

The Concrete Boots Bar have hosted –

  • 30th / 40th / 50th / 60th

  • Engagement Party

  • "I'm gettin' too old for this" Retirement Party

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah



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