Become a keeper of secrets.

Once immersed in the gloaming and intimate space that is Top Hat Bar, its charming surrounds will have your eyes provoked by the collection of top hats, magic memorabilia and literature, which hold the secrets of magic.

The setting belonging to an earlier time, shall make you feel like a time traveler in this secret, underground bar. The Bar itself has its own kind of magic, whether you favour craft cocktails or serious spirits, designer beer or a transporting glass of wine. The sassy-attired magician's assistants will serve you with mystery and finesse, and if you solemnly swear, they’ll conjure up a potion for you and you may just fall under their spell. The Secret Top Hat Bar can also be booked for private events  for up to 25 people.

Once settled in the bar, you can expect the Magician to appear...

“Yes, I have tricks in my pocket; I have things up my sleeve. But I give you wonder in the pleasant disguise of illusion”. The magician will teach you some magic but only if he is convinced you are a keeper of secrets.

Given the intrigue that surrounds the secrets of magic, The Top Hat Bar is a sanctum behind the mysterious walls of the famous Magicians Cabaret Theatre. However, getting let in isn’t that easy. You see, there isn’t an entrance. So upon arrival, you must text the magician 0433003399 with the secret word “Trap Door”. You shall then be greeted by the magicians’ assistant, whisper the secret word and you shall gain entry.

Once you recite the magicians’ secret oath and follow the assistant into the darkness, only then will you become a keeper of secrets...


Top Hat Bar is available for private functions & venue hire
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