Situated in the thick of China Town is one of the most erratic hotpot restaurants in Sydney. Spice World is one of the biggest Chinese hotpot chains full of quirky stuff to make your dining experience a unique one.

The restaurant screams China with bright pink patterned walls, lanterns hanging from a mirror covered ceiling, arcade games and robots wandering around the restaurant. The sprawling space seats up to 330 diners each with their own hotpot station. There’s also 10 private dining rooms which are hidden away behind futuristic stained glass walls.

The main focus at Spice World is hotpots which are full of flavour and fun! The ingredients for your hotpot come out as Wagyu beef draped across Barbie dolls, Hello Kitty shaped stock cubes and shrimp stuffed into bamboo shoots. There’s even a sauce bar where customers can create their own dipping sauces.

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