Frankie’s Pizza
Best Live Music Bars

50 Hunter St, Sydney CBD, 2000

*Walk in only. 

If you can't quell those late night pizza cravings, the only sane thing left to do is head down to Frankie's Pizza on Hunter Street and gorge yourself on quality pizza and heavy rock music (what a combo!).

This grungy den is not only every pizza lover's fantasy, but also every rock n roll fans, as Frankie's Pizza is consistently serving the goods, with a karaoke machine that houses rock and metal's greatest hits. Or if karaoke isn't your thing, Frankie's Pizza is also the home of some of the best rock n roll shows this side of the equator.

So spend your next night out with a Frankie's slice in one hand, and some hardcore fist pumping going on in the other!

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