Braza Churrascaria is a true Brazilian barbecue house where Passadores (Meat Carvers) cut and serve freshly barbequed meats straight to your plate. With over 20 skewers and more than 10 vegetarian sides to choose from, it is all part of their “eat as much as you want” Traditional Churrasco menu. Try all of their meats on the menu or simply ask to have more of your favourites, the choice is yours.

Braza Leichhardt is a well located restaurant in Sydney with a homely vibe and friendly atmosphere. Nowadays, the churrasco is not anymore a regional meal, but it has spread to all four corners of Brazil, becoming a strong part of the Brazilian culture. You can also find this type of cuisine in many other countries around the world, as well as here in Australia!

Let your taste buds experience their very own carnival with their succulent cuts of beef, pork, lamb, chicken, seafood, halloumi cheese and sweet cinnamon pineapple, all skewered and slow roasted over their charcoal wood fire grill for you to enjoy. We have not forgotten their vegetarian guests either as Braza also offers some traditional Brazilian vegetarian options, vegetarian side dishes and irresistibly delicious desserts.

Braza Churrascaria is available for private functions & venue hire
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