Braza Churrascaria Darling Harbour in Sydney is a relaxed restaurant with a rich ambience and a rustic styled interior. It has the spirit of Rio written all over it.

Giant metal palm fronds hang from the ceiling, looking down on a spacious, colourful dining area where the open kitchen sits in plain view of diners. Join the communal buzz inside or lounge under one of the alfresco umbrellas while indulging in a selection of icy cocktails and all-you-can-eat Brazilian fare. Churrasco skewered meats are Braza Churrascaria's specialty, with additional vegetarian and side menus for those who want to mix it up.

Traditional Brazilian "all you can eat" barbeque: patrons can simply sit back, relax and enjoy while passadores (meat carvers) rotate from table to table slicing different cuts of tender meat onto your plate.

Braza Churrascaria is available for private functions & venue hire
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