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Ditch the Hangover with these Late Night Eats in SydneyOct 11, 2018

Look Sydney, we know these lockout laws can be tough. Getting your night cut short when you feel like it’s only just begun, and facing that age old problem that we all at one time or another have struggled with; desperately wandering around the city streets in search of that perfect meal that we hope will fight off that pesky hangover we already feel coming on.

But what is the usual outcome of this situation? That’s right, settling for some greasy mess that makes you question all of your life decisions. So we’ve decided to cut you a break and give you all the juicy deets on where to head over to in the wee hours of the night. Although we have a feeling that after you check out these super cool places, they’ll end up being the first place you go to instead!


The Unicorn Hotel
106 Oxford St, Paddington

unicorn hotel pub food best late night eats sydney 1

Kicking off our kickass list, is the one and only Unicorn Hotel. This place is a true blue Aussie landmark. This pub has been in business since 1941, and ever since has been a proud supporter of all things Aussie. The only thing that could really make it any more ‘aussie-esque’ is if Bob Hawke rocked up and inhaled a beer out the front of it. What makes the Unicorn such a ‘dinky di’ establishment you ask? Well one look at this joint’s menu will satisfy all of your questions. All our home grown classics are present; the legendary meat pie, the pub staple that is the parma, and of course the iconic VB beer is available for mass consumption.

The Unicorn has also been known to throw a cheeky disco night here and there, as well as hosting a Cards against Humanity night every Wednesday until the 28th of November, and a Trivia Night (a pub classic) every Tuesday night until the 12th of December. The best news is that this place loves staying open till late! So much so that on Wednesdays through to Saturdays, the Unicorn is bopping and grooving until 3am! So come on down to this fair dinkum pub for a beer or two, and soon enough you’ll be as happy as the kookaburra in the old gum tree.

[More Info + Gallery] | [Contact Venue]

Lazybones Lounge
294 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville

lazybones lounge live jazz music bar sydney best entertainment 1

Lazybones Lounge is the fine diner’s dream with a kitchen that never closes and a menu that instantly makes people drool at the very sight of it! Ask yourself, where else could you get a crab mousse ravioli or tempura zucchini flowers past midnight on a Thursday? We bet you said “wow that’s a really good point, I’ve always struggled to find zucchini flowers so late at night”. First of all, thank you, and second of all you’re welcome cause Lazybones is here to save your night! This would be the perfect place for that date you’ve been trying to make for weeks but both of your schedules are too jam packed, or even just a special spot to relax the night away that’s still open late but isn’t a greasy, cheap club or bar that’ll give you a headache with its insanely loud tunes. Lazybones is the perfect place for those of you that like to stay out late and have a good time, but also enjoy the finer things in life like a quality meal and good conversation.

The appeal of this place does not end with its top notch nosh however. Lazybones is also the host to a whole array of live music acts that’ll keep your head bopping and toes tapping well into the night.  Whether you’re into rock, funk, soul or punk, Lazybones has got it all, and they’re serving it up hot all. night. long.

[More Info + Gallery] | [Contact Venue]

84-86 Mary St, Surry Hills

Goros japanese cuisine best latenight eats sydney 2

Goros is into all things Japanese. From its uber chic graffiti décor to its karaoke rooms and neon lighting that’ll have you thinking you’re standing at Shibuya crossing. Basically we’re saying that coming here automatically makes you approximately 10 times cooler than you already are. Plant your tush in one of their funky booths and enjoy some of the late night chow the good people of Goros have lovingly created for you, like their wagyu cheeseburger and their maple miso pork belly which honestly sounds too good to be true.

And if you feel like you need a few doses of some sneaky Dutch courage before taking to the stage with your own rendition of ‘I Will Survive’ (such a karaoke classic), Goros is fully equipped with an entire sake menu that is helpfully organised by flavour e.g ; ‘fruity and mellow’ and ‘lush and sweet’, so that even you sake novices can make a fully informed decision.  Really this place is your one stop shop for everything you need to have a fun night out, and you can rest easy knowing you can take your time, and let the night naturally come to an end. The fun to be had at Goros tho will make it tough to leave, but not to worry, there’s always tomorrow night.

[More Info + Gallery] | [Contact Venue]

Frankie’s Pizza
50 Hunter Street, Sydney CBD

frankies pizza best late night bars sydney rocknroll 2

This place is completely and unapologetically unique and we are so here for it. Enter into the world of Frankie’s Pizza, where the beers are flowing and rock n roll is alive and well. You can come here and pretend it’s still 1970, when bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin were still in the charts and the phrases ‘yolo’ and ‘lit’ didn’t exist. In fact if you are looking to live the full rockstar fantasy, why not pop by on one of their weekly Tuesday night karaoke seshs’, jump up on stage and pretend your’re Freddie Mercury for a few minutes? Or if that’s totally not your thing, and you’d rather leave the singing to the professionals, Frankie’s Pizza hosts a humongous spread of different live music acts on Sunday nights that always bring the house down, and they even have their own in house band – the aptly named ‘Frankie’s World Famous House Band’ that smashes it weekly on Monday nights.

Omg we haven’t even mentioned the pizza yet. Well what can you say about pizza that hasn’t already been said a million times? We have a sneaking suspicion that every love song in existence is really a love song dedicated to pizza, and the guy’s at Frankie’s we’re sure would agree. Basically, all you need to know about Frankie’s is that it’s grungy, it’s electrifying, it’s down and dirty. And we can’t get enough of it. And yes, Frankie’s is rocking around the clock till 3am!! That should satisfy even you super hard-core party animals!

[More Info + Gallery] | [Contact Venue]

15 Goulburn St, Sydney

mamak best malaysian late night food sydney cbd 1

Last but certainly not least is Mamak. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for Mamak’s existence, but since words are all we have here, we’re gonna have to give it a go. Picture this; it’s midnight on a Friday, and after a rather rowdy after work drink’s session, you realise you’re starving. But not for a seven eleven sandwich or a sad bag of chips from the station vending machine, but for a hearty and delicious meal. Enter Mamak. This Malaysian restaurant run by the three best friends that anyone could have (catch that “Hangover” reference?) Alan, Clement and Julian, is here to end that painful struggle, and instead provide the late night feed to end all feeds. You can look forward to a warm plate of beef satay with a sweet and spicy peanut dipping sauce or everyone’s favourite, Mee Goreng, but done with a Mamak twist, they use good old maggi noodles instead!

Let’s be real here, where else could you get chow down on a late night feast from a restaurant that has been crowned “Best Asian” by Sydney Morning Herald Sun’s Good Food Guide? Let’s not pretend that your usual post big night out eating spot could even compete with Mamak. Unless that place is Mamak, in which case congrats, you have excellent taste in restaurants.

[More Info + Gallery] | [Contact Venue]


By Aimee Traficante 


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