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Our Top 3 Picks You Don’t Want To Miss At This Year’s Fringe FestAug 29, 2018

The Fringe Festival. You’ve probably heard of it or seen it around Melbourne in the past years but you still don’t really know what it is or how you can get involved. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.


This festival is like no other. From the 13th until the 30th of September, Melbourne Fringe transforms our city into a platform for every kind of art form imaginable. By embracing diversity and creativity, the festival creates a unique space for artistic self-expression. You can expect comedy shows, music performances, independent shows, workshops, forums, design exhibitions and much more!

To make your 2018 Fringe Festival experience a little smoother we’ve collated 3 of our fave shows that you must check out this year!

Fishlace Jones / Behind the Curtain
Charlie Ranger


This show is a must-see for everyone. It’s all about the ludicrous techniques employed by directors, actors and stagehands within the industry. But don’t stress, it’s not going to be a serious re-enactment of how those lofty thespians warm up or get into character. It’s pretty much an exclusive behind the scenes peek that affectionately pokes fun at the sometimes ridiculous methods that all desperate creatives use to get that perfect piece of theatre.

And who is the mastermind behind this satirical giggle-fest? The hilarious Fishlace Jones! (Aka Charlie Ranger, but ‘Fishlace’ has a funnier ring to it don’t you think?) He is a performer himself with an acting background spanning a whopping 15 years, so you can be 100% sure this guy knows his stuff.

Behind the Curtain uses all of Charlie’s past experiences as well as borrowing some stories from his ‘artsy frands’ to bring you all the dank and dirty theatre secrets you never thought you’d be dying to know!

With only 6 performances starting on 11 September make sure you grab a ticket ASAP for the most entertaining 50 minutes you’ll have this year!

What: A hilarious night of quality comedy at Behind the Curtain with Fishlace Jones (Charlie Ranger)

Where: Belleville – 1 Globe Alley, Melbourne CBD

When: 11th – 16th of September, 6pm – 6:50 pm

[More Info] | [Buy Tickets]

Emily Carr, Alexandra Hines and Kaitlyn Rogers


Your destiny is about to be fulfilled as you come in to contact with true royalty.The fabulous comedy trio of Emily Carr, Alexandra Hines and Kaitlyn Rogers are ready to get down and dirty with an absolutely outrageous show that is unfiltered, wild and #relatable.

These gals are hilarious, and they have the critics and the crowds on their side to prove it. These fabulous ladies have been independently selling out shows in Edinburgh, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne, and along the way have snatched up the titles of ‘Best Emerging Artist’ at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe Festival, and ‘Spirit of the Fringe’ Award at last year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival, although I imagine when you have already been bestowed with the title of Queenz, any other title won’t seem as glamorous.

I mean, how could anyone pass up going to a show that has been hailed as “impressive, cutting edge, worthy of a good night out” by Stage Whispers. So if you are looking to go from court jester to king of the castle, these ladies will take you there, and show you an amazing night of hilarity with just the right amount of naughtiness.

Melbourne, please bow down to the royal dynasty, the Queenz from (Utopia) QLD.

What: A royally sick night of laughs courtesy of Queenz

Where: Arts House Studio 2 – 521 Queensberry st, North Melbourne (wheelchair accessible)

When: 14th – 21st of September (excluding Monday), 10:30 pm-11:30 pm, Sundays starting at 9:30pm

[More Info] | [Buy Tickets]

Garry Starr Performs Everything
Damien Warren-Smith

Garry Starr is on a mission.  A mission of insane importance, that could alter the very fabric of human existence!! Garry Starr….is trying to save theater from extinction.  I know right? I’m as shocked as you are. So listen up and help a pal out as he puts himself on the line and bares it all (literally), for this very worthy cause.

Buckle up and join comedian Damien Warren-Smith and his alter ego ‘Garry Starr’ as he brazenly performs every genre of theatre possible, in a show that will leave you confused, shocked, and hungry for more. This absurdly hilarious and hilariously absurd performance will thrill you with a whirlwind energy that makes you feel as though anything can happen, and a rapid pace that will leave you trying to catch your breath for days after you see it!

Not only is this show wildly exhilarating for audiences, but it is also critically acclaimed, with the show winning ‘Best Comedy’ at the 2018 Greater Manchester Fringe, and ‘Best Emerging Artist’ at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award.

It is likely that there has never been a show as quirky, electric and gutsy as Garry Starr Performs Everything, and with one show only, you can’t let this opportunity pass you by. Help Garry Starr save theatre before it’s too late!

What: A comedic extravaganza like no other at Garry Starr Performs Everything

Where: Lithuanian Club Main Theatre – 44 Errol St, North Melbourne (wheelchair accessible)

When: One night only! The 29th of September 2018, 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

[More Info] | [Buy Tickets]


For more information about these shows and the Melbourne Fringe Festival, click here 


By Aimee Traficante


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