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This Michelin Star chef is slinging affordable Japanese-French fusion meals

When you think Michelin Star restaurant you instantly think waaay out of your budget right? Wrong! The beloved Japanese restaurant Tetsujin have collaborated with Michelin Awarded Japanese chef, Masahiko Yomoda to create a brand new lunch menu with prices ranging from only $9 to $25!! Eating well without breaking the bank, perfect.


Tetusjin is situated in the heart of the CBD in the Emporium, the perfect spot for your next lunch date. The menu has been designed by Yomoda-san and borrows flavours from Japanese and French cuisine. Chef Yomoda is classically trained in French cuisine and has worked all over France before moving to Tokyo where he received the exclusive Michelin Star.


Now onto the most important part – the food. The menu consists of 17 different delicious dishes which are all Japanese at the core with plenty of modern twists. Some of the favs are the 48 hour beef short rib slathered in Korean chilli BBQ sauce with Asian slaw and the smoked eggplant with hatcho miso and mixed grains.

The new style sashimi is our top pick which is essentially sashimi taken to a totally new modern level. Expect salmon and king fish with popped rice, wasabi snow, ponzu jelly and black goma dressing (F.Y.I visually, it’s literally #instafoodporn).


And who can forget about dessert, everyone has dessert with their lunch yeah? Also, both desserts are only $9, so why not order both! You will be indulging in a confit Fuji apple with matcha custard cream, raspberry sauce and dry mixed pastry or (and!) our fav, the soy milk panna cotta with sweet mixed barley, mango puree AND candy floss!


This epic menu is only available from 11.30am to 3pm from Monday to Friday so make sure you organise your boujee on a budget lunch date ASAP!

Find out more about Tetsujin here.

By Boe Eyking

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