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Melbourne’s Donut And Beer FestivalMar 7, 2017


Stay calm, but a donut and beer festival is hitting the shores of Melbourne on Sunday the 12th of March between 2 – 8pm and on Monday the 13th between 12 – 6pm

Try naming a more dynamic duo.
We’ll wait.

You know that episode in The Simpsons where Homer has a dream he’s in a kind of fantasy candy-land where all the cream-filled cakes and sugar-coated lollies run around feeding him with massive smiles on their faces? I don’t think the donut festival will be quite that animated, but it definitely will be a whole other world filled to the brim with all kinds of doughnuts – little ones, big ones, vegan ones, gluten-free ones – there will even be a sushi donut! You name it and it will be there; plus other food and beverages will be available for good measure.


There will even be a giant donut wall. We’re not sure what this means or what it is exactly, but something tells us it’s going to be Instagram-worthy.

The Donutfest will be held at The Village – an amazing and (very) extensive bar and restaurant on Melbourne’s St Kilda Road. The Village includes a beer garden, an arbor, bistro, terrace and the famous Ormond Hall. So much room for activities!


There’s no entry fee but if you feel like handing out a gold coin donation towards Eat Up Australia’s mission, every donation will go towards giving lunches to young Australians who go hungry every day at school. A worthy event, with a worthy cause.


We donut know about you, but this is where you’ll find us this weekend.

For more information, you can head to Donutfest’s website here.

To share this event with all your donut-loving friends via Facebook, click here.

To just view some pictures of donuts in all their glorious glory, head here.

By Nora Omar


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