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These Eco-friendly Bars Have Ditched The Plastic Straw For Good

By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans. Scary right?

And the most common plastic found on our beaches is one we always use without much thought. Plastic straws. Little plastic devils found in all our evening drinks, stuffed in dusty glasses on our favourite bars for us to grab and stuck on the floors of all clubs.

Every little thing we do to reduce our plastic use will help our future. So, we’ve found the best bars in Melbourne who have ditched the plastic straw.


Touche Hombre
233 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

This street-food inspired Mexican CBD eatery joined the Straw Free July Challenge in 2017 and has never looked back! Touche Hombre are passionate about ditching the straw and also recycle their tequila bottles as very aesthetically pleasing water decanters.

You’d be crazy to go past this place, all the best Mexican food and drinks with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. If you’re heading down for lunch or dinner we’d recommend testing out the weekly secret taco and their ever-so popular ‘elotes’ (grilled sweetcorn for the non-Mexican lovers).

If you wanted to make that lunch or dinner into a boozy one or you’re looking for a fun Friday night drink place, Touch Hombre won’t disappoint. Their happy hour from 3pm-5pm will get you $5 tinnies and house wines! The cocktail and margarita menu is also one to check out – our faves include the Habanero Coconut Margarita and the Xpresso De Maguey (a Mexican espresso martini).

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The National
344 Victoria St, Richmond


This old-school fav is taking steps towards implementing sustainable practices in their venue and we couldn’t be happier! The National, situated on Richmond’s bustling Victoria Street ditched the plastic straws at the start of the year as their first initiative towards a cleaner future.

The National is the perfect spot for your next meal or drink without hurting our environment. Their Asian-inspired menu is a must try as well as their extensive list of unique cocktails. Next time you head down to The National make sure you try their sticky pork rib bao, crispy fried chicken wingettes with pickled daikon and Sichuan lamb rump.

This newly eco-friendly joint are also looking into paper straws for their delicious cocktails. Our fav cocktail would have to be their signature, Bloody National, a mix of house infused chilli and garlic vodka, tabasco, Worcestershire, the chef’s own chipotle sauce, tomato juice topped with celery and olives, definitely a must try!

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The Lincoln
91 Cardigan St, Carlton


Another fav has decided that it’s time to seriously think about our planet. The Lincoln in Carlton has installed brand new water taps which are also used to carbonate their water (sparkling water on tap, yes please) and dispense their house wine by the keg (an even bigger yes!)

This initiative has removed the need for over 7,500 single use glass bottles, reduces their cardboard packaging and transportation costs! The public bar also has 12 craft beers on tap (which means less bottles and more cheap beer for us, win win) and focuses on using the highest quality sustainable and locally sourced produce.

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Grace Darling Hotel
114 Smith St, Collingwood


This 19th century pub and locals go-to has also scrapped the plastic straw! The Grace Darling Hotel is one of the trend setters with ditching the straw all the way back in ’16. This iconic venue can also cater to all your needs, whether you’re hungry, hangry or in desperate need of a drink (without the straw of course!)

A focus on sustainable and local produce, the kitchen delivers a modern yet unpretentious version of your classic pub meal. They’ve got the typical parma, beef burger, and fish n chips as well as a vegan parma, spiced pumpkin gyozas and vegan butter curry, very impressive if you ask us.

The Grace Darling is also perfect for your Sunday session or evening drinks with an extensive list of beers, wine and seasonal cocktail selection.

P.S happy hour from 4pm-6pm will get you $3.50 pots and $7 selected beers and ciders, winning!

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Romeo Lane
1A Crossley St, Melbourne


If you’re looking for a top quality cocktail or a bit of old school charm look no further than Romeo Lane. This CBD cocktail bar has found the perfect balance of comfort and class (and cocktails). And even better, they have invested so much into making sure they are as eco-friendly as possible!

Since opening in 2014 Romeo Lane has never touched plastic straws! Instead they use suave metal straws, and have also taken the typical paper coaster or serviette and introduced glass and metal coasters (very fancy ones too) and they’ve even replaced all their paper towels with hand towels and cloth napkins! But wait, they don’t stop there, inside this hidden gem there’s a soda water tap to reduce bottle waste and their toilets use recycled water from hand washing.

Make sure you check out Romeo Lane for an intimate night out whilst helping out Mother Nature!

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By Boe Eyking

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