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Brown Brothers X Gelato Messina’s Prosecco Rosé Gelato – Scoop Giveaway

After seeing our Instagram post, did I hear you exclaim, “A Prosecco Rosé flavoured gelato!? Where can I get one?”

Well my beautiful friend do I have all the deets for you about the perfect summer treat.

Messina Gelato Brown Brothers Prosecco Rose St Kilda Beach Melbourne Summer Day Out News Events 003

The Brown Brothers and Gelato Messina have collaborated on a limited edition Prosecco Rosé inspired gelato – because what could be more synonymous with summer than sipping on Prosecco Rosé and cooling down with a scoop of gelato? Name a pair that’s better than this… I dare you 😉

You can get your complimentary scoop TOMORROW Friday, 21st January from 1-4pm at St. Kilda Beach (while stocks last).

Nothing screams summer more than a Prosecco AND ice cream and so, this is why turning it into a gelato sounded like such a delicious, DELICIOUS idea. In developing the flavour with Brown Brothers, Messina Gelato Chef Donato Toce says that the Prosecco Rosé’s taste profile gives itself beautifully to gelato. The team was also inspired by the refreshing summer cocktails we know and love – like the Bellini. Oh the brilliance, the craftsmanship and the flavours. WHAT A MASTERPIECE!

Messina Gelato Brown Brothers Prosecco Rose St Kilda Beach Melbourne Summer Day Out News Events 002

“We wanted to highlight the vibrancy of Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé, so the gelato is our take on the Bellini cocktail and has a delicate flavour profile featuring blood peach, with a lychee cream and rose puree.” Toce says. (Offt when I read this my mouth did in fact water).

On partnering with Gelato Messina, Emma Brown, fourth generation Brown family member, says that the partnership is exciting as it allows more people to experience the delicious flavours of Prosecco Rosé but in a gelato! “Prosecco Rosé is the perfect summer wine, so it was a very easy decision to partner with Gelato Messina on a summer gelato collaboration.” I’m sure many of us will be itching for a scoop!

Messina Gelato Brown Brothers Prosecco Rose St Kilda Beach Melbourne Summer Day Out News Events 001

Prosecco Rosé is definitely the drink of summer and so this collaboration couldn’t have come at a better time; especially, after the crazy holiday period we’ve had!

Here are the deets I promised; Enjoy Beautiful People –

When: Friday 21 January

Where: Cleve Gardens, St Kilda West, VIC 3182

Time: Between 1-4pm

Cost: FREE (while stocks last)

Side Note: Zero alcohol content within gelato

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