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The Best Waterfront Bars & Restaurants For Quick Dips & Long Drinks

by Eleonora Gavazzoli

As soon as the Sun comes out over our glamourous city, Melbournians shine like Edward Cullen’s skin in the city of Volterra. And we all know that the best way to avoid fading away from extreme warmth is heading straight to the water.

In sight of the upcoming (albeit sporadic) days of bright rays and blue skies (and really taking advantage of them before Melbourne takes its infamous drastic turn), we have picked the best waterfront bars and restaurants. Here, you can have it all: quick dips in the water and delicious long drinks. It’s the best of both worlds for a premature summer calling.

The Sandbar Beach Café

The Sandbar <br/> Waterfront Venues

Just a couple km out of the city, right in the iconic Port Philip bay, there isn’t a better place to be for the upcoming new sunny season than at The Sandbar. This modern, fresh and airy beachside eatery is both calm enough to relieve stress and it is also euphorically bubbly; especially being in and amongst the paddles and bouncing balls.

You can sip refreshing drinks or cocktails, and indulge in delicious seafood dishes before or after a walk on the seashore. Evidently, here at The Sandbar, you can be any kind of beach type you want to be: easy-going and informal like Ken or elegant and chick like Barbie.

Looking for a Function Venue? If you’re lucky enough you could also witness a picturesque wedding ceremony and be part in first row to a scene of “happily ever after”. Or… maybe you’d love to be the main character and pronounce the “I do” while seagulls cheer and fly around the sky.

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Ellora venue hire melbourne function rooms venues birthday party event wedding engagement corporate room small event st kilda cocktail 19

Opened in 2020, Ellora is situated right at the end of the long Esplanade, on the corner of Fitzroy Street. Evidently, Ellora’s rooftop rules over the St Kilda coastline.

Be mesmerized by the unique St Kilda sunsets gazing at the sinuous lines of the giant Ferris Wheel on the foreshore and the imposing tower – all of which combine to shape the greenery and blue landscape.

You can definitely live it up at Ellora during the sunlight and indulge in the juicy and rich bottomless lunches from 1pm to 3pm every Sunday. Alternatively, you can dance the night away under the moonlight and at one of the different themed parties organized by the venue.

Looking for a Function Venue? Known as one of the most beautiful venues in Melbourne for its view, Ellora offers two floors with a capacity of 300 people, and with views like this, it is a guarantee that you will impress many of your guests!

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West Beach Bathers Pavilion 

West Beach Bathers Pavilion <br/> Beach Dining

Situated in St. Kilda West, West Beach Bathers Pavillion is another waterfront dream destination where you can live out your deepest desires of living in a Taylor swift’s score movie.

Here, you can dance in the sand and gaze up at the stars. Also, the dim boats lights in the ocean will immediately immerse you in the Mediterranean magic of endless adventurous nights and first-sight love sparkles with their gourmet canapés and party jugs.

You can meet travelers and unique personalities from different backgrounds in these contexts and socializing has never been easier at this venue setting, both by day and night. You don’t have to book a last-minute flight to live this fantasy after having watched ‘Eat, Pray and Love’.

At West Beach Bathers Pavilion, it’s very easy to soak up in the vitamin sea with their Cabanas. Here, you can sunbath the whole day, right up until the last orange rays of sun, watching them disappear on the horizon line right in front of you, and seeing the moon take her space.

Additionally, you can allow yourself to fully feel like Julia Roberts at West Beach Bathers.

Looking for a Function Venue? From day to night, any function can be hosted at West Beach Pavilion. Their passionate team will help you transforms your dream function to reality. And isn’t it great to switch heels to flip flops during a party?

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Teddy Picker

Teddy Picker <br> Restaurants Along Werribee River

Are you feeling like going somewhere different from the beach, but still close to the water? Well, the riverside could be the answer you’re looking for.

Towards Werribbe, where Teddy Picker is located, you can immerse yourself in a mix of Italian and Australian culture with in-house offers like customizable pizzas, pastas and classic Aussie dishes.

Teddy Picker, whose name was inspired by the iconic Artic Monkeys’ song, was the first to create a dining experience right on the Werribbe river banks, honoring the stunning surroundings with funky and joyful décor. Every detail looks like was designed to recharge and energize your batteries.

Looking for a Function Venue? You could be interested to look out for their events and special brunch packages, such as the Weekender, which includes pizzas, jug of beers, cocktails and wines. At Teddy Picker, you can expect to warm your heart at this Italian gem, here you can enjoy the soundtrack of laughs and the native river birds’ songs.

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The Boathouse

The Boathouse <br/> Venues with a View

If you’re a CBD inhabitant and feel like enjoying the sun away from the classic weekend tourist destinations, then why not choose quiet simplicity and unwind in the breeze of Monee Ponds?

Perched upon the shores of Maribyrnong and native water wattles, a little comfy wooden boathouse recalls those care-free childhood memories of gateways in nature with family.

With their in-house wagyu burgers and sandwiches, wood fire pizzas or vegetarian edamame falafel, the mixed cultural menus satisfy anyone’s diet requirements.

Looking for a Function Venue? If you’d like to delight in the whole idyllic venue for a special occasion, the Boathouse offers packages for weddings or private functions, giving space to any celebrative idea.

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Pilgrim Bar

Pilgrim Bar <br/> Hidden Waterside Bars

Wondering around CBD’s attractions can be fascinating but exhausting, especially during summertime. Have you ever found yourself in the proximity of Federation Square, lusting for some space and a cocktail away from the noise?

It seems impossible to find a dining shelter away from the fast-paced environment, but don’t worry, our mission is to find the hidden secrets that feed your expectations: one of these is Pilgrim Bar.

Designed with wooden modern interiors, this bar will make you feel in a vegetative oasis, protected from the ruling high-rise buildings, whose lights will make you romanticize the city life.

Fancy and intimate, you can have an aperitif with their classic drinks and appetizers or experiment with their exquisite Gin High Tea – this includes three tea inspired gin cocktails plus sweet and savoury high-tea delights, plus bottomless sparkling wine and tea.

A seasonal-inspired menu with the Yarra River waterfront right in the heart of Melbourne certainly equates to a beautiful and simple dream come true.

Looking for a Function Venue? Small or big groups, this architectural beauty will host you on the magical yarra river, one of the symbols of our city.

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Well, here’s a complete list for your impetus of summer climax.

We hope you’ll make use of these suggestions and take care of yourself absorbing as much vitamin D as you can.

Be playful and curious, rest as much as you can or make new interesting friends without feeling the jet lag.

We wish you many incredible long islands teas and quick refreshing dips.

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