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Best Lazy Sunday IdeasAug 9, 2017

Friday nights are for mentally checking out at 4:30pm (but sadly not physically leaving work until 5) where you can then rush off to your favourite restaurant and relax with a big glass of wine. Saturday’s are for further relaxation before getting ready for a big night out perhaps, continuing the celebration of the completion of another week (seems like a good enough excuse to us). And Sunday’s are for basically wondering how the weekend went so quickly and dreading the return of Monday. Sound about right?

Well we’re here to tell you that Sunday’s can be so much more than that, with our list of the best lazy ideas to fill your last day of freedom before the working week begins again.

This list is hangover-friendly, boredom-curing and idiot-proof so all you have to do is peel yourself off the couch that now has a perfect imprint of your body, slap on some clothes (preferably that match) and pick one of our activities that will have you breathing fresh air and enjoying the best that Melbourne has to offer.

Marvel at Rippon Lea Estate 
192 Hotham St, Elsternwick 


Completed in 1868, this majestic house has a fascinating history, from being sold to a number of families that saw the house through many renovations, to being inherited by the National Trust in 1972 where it has been maintained and preserved.

Spend a day in the 19th century and wander through the carefully manicured gardens that span across 14 acres, featuring a fernery, an orchard, a lake complete with its own boat house and a lookout tower.

When you get tired of looking at all the greenery (can you ever though?), explore the mansion’s stunning architecture and appreciate it’s impressive 33 rooms complete with ballroom, drawing room, conservatory and dining room.

Now to go home and dream about living in a place like this. *Sigh*

Sunday Session at Captain Baxter
10/18 Jacka Blvd, St Kilda 


Undertake the perfect Sunday Session in a venue fit for a sea-faring captain (aka you), complete with rooftop bar, inside dining area and live music.

Lose a day lounging with a cocktail in hand while surveying Port Phillip Bay from above and treat yourself to their extensive food menu that includes grilled pork ribs and BBQ chicken skewers.

This is the perfect place to continue the fun had from Saturday night’s activities and after all, what’s that old saying? The only way to get over a hangover is to keep drinking? Wait, is that even a saying? I don’t know, we’re still drunk.

Get cultured at The National Gallery of Victoria
180 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne CBD


Containing over 73,000 works of art, it is easy to spend an entire day here let alone just an afternoon. Spend your time wandering through the various exhibitions on display and admire the multitude of paintings, prints and sculptures scattered around this impressive building.

Perhaps you fancy visiting the Asian Art section where you can explore art dating all the way back to the second millennium BCE, or notice yourself being drawn to the Fashion & Textiles area where you can be inspired by the Egyptian techniques and contemporary fashion from around the world.

Who knows? Maybe it might even inspire you to create your own artwork, allowing you to forget that awful, scarring third grade experience where little Timmy sat on what you thought was a  masterpiece at the time when in actual fact, his mistaking your artwork for a chair might have been the best thing to ever happen to it. Well played, Timmy, well played.

 Day Trippin’ to the Yarra Valley
Yarra Valley, VIC


The Yarra Valley, the land of grapes and cheese boards* where there’s so many activities to choose from including visiting wineries, drinking at wineries and eating at wineries. Okaaaay, there’s much more to this spectacular piece of Victoria than that. But only just.

Start your day with a hot air balloon ride over the rolling hills and green landscapes and let the breathtaking scenery, along with the gentle breeze, take you on a journey you’ll never forget. Or if you’re like me and you’re terrified of heights and just the mere thought of leaving the comfort of solid ground to fly around in a glorified floating basket is enough to make you feel dizzy, then join me at one of the Yarra Valley’s host of restaurants.

From the casual Beechworth Bakery to the finest-dining experience that is Bella Restaurant, you’ll never be disappointed with the choices on offer. And besides when you’re stocked up on food, you can drink at the wineries for longer. HELL YEAH.

*according to us anyway.

Play Golf at Albert Park Driving Range
Aughtie Dr, Albert Park 


Always had a fantasy of pretending your Tiger Woods but without the affairs and the drunk driving charge? Well now you can try and get that illusive hole-in-one at Albert Park’s very own driving range where it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned golfer or a complete novice.

Spend an afternoon perfecting your technique whilst being surrounded by the city’s skyscrapers and the extensive greenery, but first make sure you stock up on all things golf, including the latest equipment, accessories and clothing at their retail store before hitting the green.

They are also a fully licensed business so you can treat yourself to a beer or six while you try to drown your sorrows after your fourth straight no hit. I have no idea if that’s what you even call it. I’m bad at golf.

But if you’re no good, like me, at least you get to drive around in a golf cart. Bonus.

By Kate Gazzard 


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