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Your exclusive invitation to Brisbane’s best hidden barsMar 6, 2019

Brisbane is a city that is notorious for hidden bars; and by hidden bars we mean down the city’s back alleyways, through kitchens and behind butchers.  The one thing more difficult than finding the bars themselves is finding OUT about the bars, so we have complied a list of our top hidden bars in and around Brisbane’s CBD.

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Mermaid Lounge
15 Caxton St, Petrie Terrace 

The mermaid lounge brisbane hidden bars ocean secret beer drinks cocktaikls beer wine

The Mermaid Lounge is a hidden treasure that is tucked away in the upstairs of Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall.

From ships to sharks, this bar is covered in ocean memorabilia. And we promise by the end of the night you’ll feel as if you’re lost at sea.

This under water fantasy bar offers a huge variety of rum and cocktails imported from all corners of the world, and we’re sure there is something for everyone.

How to find it: To immerse yourself in this underwater fantasy, follow the steps to the left upon entrance to Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall.

[More info] [Contact Venue]

Vaquero Dining
344 Sandgate Road, Albion

Vaquero dining brisbane bar restaraunt hidden secret spanish butcher

Vaquero Dining is one of Brisbane’s best kept secrets. This Spanish-inspired bar and restaurant is tucked away behind a butcher in Albion, and without the right directions you’d be walking right past it!

This hidden gem takes influence from it’s Spanish origin, meaning the simple yet elegant menu is designed to be shared. The vibrant atmosphere is also quite intimate, making it the perfect destination to bring your family and friends.

Vaquero Dining offers an impressive 15-page beverage menu, which features a variety of fresh cocktails of any and every combination, with every spirit imaginable and an irresistible selection of wines from a vast range of regions.

How to find it: Upon following the address listed above, you’ll find yourself face to face with ‘The Albion Butchery,’ but don’t stress, this speakeasy is hidden just behind.

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The Cloakroom
1/215 Elizabeth St, Brisbane CBD

the cloakroom brisbane cbd secret bar hidden fire escape cocktails beer wine

If you’re looking to channel your inner James Bond then The Cloakroom is your place.

This off the radar bar is nestled between a menswear gallery and barbershop and does require you to walk up a fire escape and through some hidden doors, so make sure you have comfy shoes on!

This elegant hideaway has taken its own unique spin on cocktails, and offers a variety of tasty drinks created with the freshest ingredients. These drinks are concocted by award winning bartenders, who know the way to your heart.

How to find: To enter this bar you’ll need to follow the vintage alcohol posters down an alleyway on Elizabeth Street. You’ll then be met with a bouncer at the bottom of a fire escape, who will direct you up, then through two doors and you’ve made it!

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Brooklyn Standard
Eagle Ln, Brisbane CBD

Brooklyn standard bar brisbane cbd american inspried drinks beer wine cocktails live music

A street name and a door-sized hole in the wall is the only indication that you’re in proximity of one of Brisbane’s buzziest bars. Hidden down a Brisbane CBD laneway is this little basement bar, that is jam packed full of excitement.

This American-inspired bar has regular live performances, and is decked out in baseball caps, beer cans and carries a drinks list to impress. Pick your drink of choice from their comical menu, which features ‘crap off the tap’ and ‘banging bottles,’ alongside your more classic cocktails and wines.

Speak to anyone that’s been to this hidden gem and you’ll hear about the incredible atmosphere, it’s a bar full of the craziest drinks and happiest people.

How to find it: This bar is best found on foot, head to Eagle Lane and once you see the Statue of Liberty Mural, you’ve made it. Just through that little red hole in the wall!

[More info]  |  [Contact Venue]

Greaser Bar
259 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley

Greaser bar Brisbane city cbd underground drinks hidden beer cocktails american2 1

Greaser Bar will take you on a journey down a dingy back alley and through the hustle and bustle of their kitchen before you are met with their American-style underground hideout.

Find yourself struggling to choose between having something off the food menu of greasy goodness or something off the American-inspired drinks list… our verdict: get both!

This bar is laid back, grungy and most importantly atmospheric. It’s all happening at the Greaser Bar and we recommend you head down to see what all the fuss is about.

How to find it: You’ll find this hangout just before Brunswick St meets Wickham Street (opposite the Westpac), enter through the door and follow the lights and pipes down into this underground hideout.

[More info]  |  [Contact Venue]

By Ashleigh Hendel

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