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Two Wrongs
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South Yarra, 3141
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ABOUT Two Wrongs
Iconic Venues For Hire

Two Wrongs is an iconic Melbourne institution, located on the equally iconic Chapel St, South Yarra, where every visit promises a new cosmic journey.

Drawing inspiration from an underwater neo-Tokyo scene, the space offers a vibrant cyber-meets-urban atmosphere that you can't get anywhere else, putting Two Wrongs in a class of its own.

They offer an unique fusion of Japanese cuisine and masterly crafted cocktails, making it the best place in the city to unwind, let loose, or even host your own iconic party.


Minimum Spend: $400 - 8-12 Guests. Booking times: 7pm and 10pm. 

Take a slip & slide stripper pole ride in the sauciest booth of Wrongs. Nestled next to the stairs facing our main feature wall, this intimate space has a submarine-like vibe, captivating an underwater Neo Tokyo fantasy. At the centre of the booth is a dancing pole for your party of 8-12 to enjoy. It's the perfect spot for bottle service to ignite your night.


Minimum Spend: $500 - 12-15 Guests. Booking times: 7pm and 10pm. 

Inspired by the neo-metropolis home of our main character Renrai Redeye, commander of the Space Pirates. Situate your party at the forefront of this galactic playground. This red-light-district-esque corner is the most desired small booth in Two Wrongs. Accommodating 12-15 guests between the entrance and feature wall, this unique spot captures the essence of our vibrant, underwater metropolis, ensuring a memorable evening.


Minimum Spend: $500 - 12-15 Guests. Booking times: 7pm and 10pm. 

Raised booths in the centre of everyone’s attention offer a private space to be seen in the scene. Experience Two Wrongs from a unique vantage point in the main dining room downstairs. This elevated space for 12-15 guests provides a panoramic view of our distinct futuristic marine cityscape theme. Watch the show unravel as you witness with ease the citizens of Wrongington launching into party-oblivion.


Minimum Spend: $1500 - 10-12 Guests. Booking times: 7pm and 10pm. 

Feel the allure of a party-vortex in our SUPERNOVA VIP ROOM, a private space perfect for 10-12 guests. All reservations for this room receive express entry into Two Wrongs' black hole. Protect your energy and escape the mayhem, or keep the door open welcoming foreign patrons - either way, you’ll be beaming in this vibrant futuristic environment.


Minimum Spend: $3000 - 20-30 Guests. Booking times: 7pm and 10pm. 

Having stood the test of time through every Two Wrongs evolution, this VIP Room is the gift that keeps on giving. A secluded function space for 20-30 guests, this dimly lit time capsule comes with its own private sound system, allowing guests to set their narrative and play their own tunes. No more nagging DJs for music requests - just hook up your best Spotify playlist and dance!


Minimum Spend: Peak $5000, Off-Peak $4000. Seated dining: 54 guests. Seated + Standing: 60-80 guests. 

Submerge yourself and experience our oceanic playground situated in the depths of Two Wrongs' multiverse. The sea-cityscape comfortably fits 80 guests, offering private use of the Nintendo 64 and Pool table for group battle royale. Booking this moody subaquatic environment ensures private dining in the Food Hall booths with visual theatrics of chefs in their element. This vibrant space is one of our most desired and aesthetically pleasing function areas.


Minimum Spend: Peak $6000, Off-Peak $5000. Seated dining: 60 guests. Seated + Standing: 80-120 guests. 

This space accommodates up to 120 guests, merging the energy of our underwater cityscape with our unique fusion cuisine for an elevated dining experience.


Minimum Spend: Peak $5000, Off-Peak $4000. Seated + Standing: 60-80 guests. 

Elevate your experience with our Mezzanine Hire. Offering a panoramic view of our aquatic sci-fi setting and a private bar, this exclusive space comfortably hosts up to 80 guests.


Minimum Spend: Peak $6000, Off-Peak $5000. Seated + Standing: 75+ guests. 

This combination offers a panoramic view, a private bar, and a separate intimate room, creating a blend of exclusivity and our vibrant, galactic, urban energy.


Minimum Spend: Peak $7000, Off-Peak $6000. Seated + Standing: 75+ guests. 

Experience a vibe within a vibe, party privately upstairs while still captivating the entire venue’s energy. Accommodating up to 75 guests, this package provides an elevated setting, a private bar, and a private room for a unique, tailored ambiance.


Minimum Spend: Peak $8000, Off-Peak $7000. Seated + Standing: 100+ guests. 

Claim the throne of Two Wrongs dome. Our most premium offering for mezzanine reservations, suitable for 100+ guests. Enjoy elevated views of our cyber-urban landscape and intimate private rooms, creating a bespoke ambiance for your event.



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Two Wrongs DETAILS


Room Min Max
Octo-Exotic Pole Dance Booth 8 12
Renrai Redeye Booth 12 15
The Launch Pad 12 15
Supernova VIP Room 10 12
Versace Time Capsule VIP Room 20 30
Atlantis Playground 54 80
Main Dining Room 60 120
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