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2 Alfred Place, South Melbourne, 3205

Located off Alfred Place on the outskirts of the CBD, Roxy's is a stunning, private, and versatile event space that takes pride and delight in providing you with a special and welcoming place.

Their unique bar, staffed by a welcoming and fun team, is ideal for birthday celebrations, engagement drinks, or just hanging out with friends!

They have a great space for having a few relaxed drinks with your favorite people, or dancing the night away. This all-day location boasts an incredibly distinctive décor that fills the airy space.

Roxy's accept all forms of entertainment, including live music, photo booths, and DJs!

They can provide the greatest atmosphere and even better service for any event, whether you're organizing a big party or a little get-together.

Roxy's can accommodate up to 120 guests, so call your friends and tell them there's a party happening!


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