Naughty Boy Cafe
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499-501 Lygon St, Carlton, 3054

Past the hustle and bustle of Lygon Street, at the crossover between Carlton North and Princes Hill, sits this brilliant little gem. In a spacious, industrial setting, Naughty Boy provides a trendy yet homey dining experience.

This cafe is proudly known for their iconically extravagant InstaShakes™ and serves up a range of creative, high-quality breakfast and lunch foods. (You can say goodbye to those diets once you see this menu.)

Naughty Boy offers up a fine brew and all-day dishes like peach waffles, breakfast parfaits and pulled lamb salad. So sweeten up your life (and your Insta feed) with a visit to the naughty side of town. The milkshakes are calling you!

Naughty Boy Cafe also features in our top picks for the best cafes to get work done - check it out here!

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Pricing and inclusions may be subject to change without notice.