Evie's Bar & Diner is housed in a converted warehouse space on Gertrude St. It's a bar/disco/diner located in the ever-fashionable Fitzroy. Aesthetically paying homage to the 1980s (think Stranger Things) with a decor that references that era, the soundtrack and the mindset of the venue is contemporary and very Melbourne.

Providing a smallish fun cocktail list, craft beers and local wines on tap as well. Vegan friendly (50%) American diner menu, emphasis on low waste/ethics and sustainability, everything ethically locally sourced including produce, tap wines, local craft beers, even down to the syrup in the soda guns!  With a nightclub quality sound system and a dance floor, it caters for a variety of occasions and with 3 differing functions areas allowing for guestlists ranging from 25 people to 180!


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