Revel Brewing Co. Rivermakers
Versatile Function Rooms

Morningside, 4170
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ABOUT Revel Brewing Co. Rivermakers
Versatile Function Rooms

Housed within the historic Commonwealth Acetate of Lime Factory, Revel Brewing is a unique place to host your corporate or personal event.

Revel hosts shared spaces for any group from 20 to 300 people. They have the versatility to house a range of events, from large corporate events to birthdays and get togethers.

Their outside area boasts relaxed picnic table seating, while inside can cater for more formal sit-down dinners.

The several structures on the property, which were built from 1917 to 1920, are included on the Queensland Heritage Register because of their historical significance, uniqueness, aesthetic appeal, and connection to the life and career of chemist and brewer Auguste deBavay.

The buildings were intended primarily for brewing and fermenting purposes, and Revel is honoured to re-establish the original brewing usage within the heritage buildings, while also allowing the public to enjoy a unique piece of Queensland's legacy at their Revel Rivermakers Restaurant!

Evidently, this gorgeous heritage-listed building rich in history is a one-of-a-kind backdrop for any occasion.

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Revel Brewing Co. Rivermakers DETAILS


Room Min Max
Inside Space 20 50
Inside Whole 50 120
Outside Space 20 50
Outside Whole 50 120
Entire Venue 200 350
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