You Came Again
Courtyard Function Rooms

245 Boundary St, West End, 4101

This diverse boutique restaurant/bar, invites you to explore the many options you would like to create for your special event or function.

Based in the hippest suburb in Brisbane, west end, You Came Again offers 4 uniquely styled rooms, but all have a underflow of a chic and sophisticated feel.

The Main Room offers a more formal sitting arrangement with black interior walls, rose gold cutlery, black cushion chairs and benches with graffiti based art décor that will make you feel you are sitting in a very stylish and trendy location.

The next room offers, a more casual arrangement with Bar Stools and Poufs with coffee tables, but follows the same unique, stand-out stylin with the “Wall of Fame” Yellow Neon signs, that invites you to grab their polaroid camera and seal your presence by placing your image with your friends on their wall.

The vertical Garden setting followed on by the room previously, is the perfect intimate environment with vertical plants, to help you feel secluded from the world, but invites freedom with wonderful pop colour red chairs and black painted walls.

As you continue to venture to the back of the restaurant /bar, you will discover their exquisite Garden of Eden, kindly protected by the large and pointsena tree which provides cool shade in the summer season.  The tier grass setting, invites you to take off your shoes and feel the grass between your toes, and enjoy the sun and the breeze that is brisbane’s perfect weather.


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