Tucked away quietly in Spring Hill lies Indriya, and it’s waiting (cocktail in hand) to serve you only the finest food with a global fusion flavours. But Indriya presents no ordinary dining experience.

Ever had food so delicious, so tasty, that you wanted to personally thank the Chef? Well, dine at the exclusive and elegant Chef’s Table and you can. Hand-crafted from solid oak, the Chef’s Table is designed for a communal and intimate dining experience, with guests welcomed into Chef Eugene Lee’s “inner sanctum” with a bespoke molecular gastronomy explosion of tastes and flavours.

Starring Ganster Cuisine, a term coined by Lee to celebrate his rebellious nature to create food not constrained by rules, that is not one type and gains influence from global flavours, traditions and techniques. You may not expect to see traditional Japanese methods married with modern flavours, with a Mexican twist, or other unlikely combinations and pairings. Thinking outside of the box, you need to know the rules before you break them. Chef Lee challenges traditional thinking in the kitchen, and adds his artistry, flair and unique flavours to each dish.

For a small additional fee, pair your meal with premium wines, or try the delicate and intricate tea pairing using Indriya’s exclusive in-house teas (some from 1995) with flavours you will not taste ANYWHERE else in Brisbane.

9 Courses = $99

+premium Wine Pairing = $50

+Exclusive Tea Pairing = $40


Restaurant Indriya is available for private functions & venue hire
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