Pineapple Express Superfood Cafe
Healthy Eats

Hamilton, 4007
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6:30am-2:30pm6:30am-2:30pm6:30am-2:30pm6:30am-2:30pm6:30am-2:30pm 6:30am-3:00pm6:30am-3:00pm

ABOUT Pineapple Express Superfood Cafe
Healthy Eats

This superfood café is committed to creating food that tastes as good as it makes you feel on the inside. Pineapple Express serves up healthy super fueled dishes that are extremely colourful and tasty.

Located in Hamilton, along the river, this café is creating name for itself for making everyday lunch favourites into healthy and nutritious dishes. You can have a crack at the hemp fish and chips, or the Pineapple nachos. If cold and sweet is more your style, check out the long list of smoothie bowls on offer. The menu has a key that makes it easier for diners to identify which dishes have certain benefits, including high antioxidants, high protein, or refined sugar free.

They have gained a reputation for the Pineapple’s Share Board that features multiple menu items all delivered on one platter, so you don’t have to make the tough decision of deciding what to order. This health conscious café serves up tasty and colourful dishes that are sure to keep you fuelled throughout the day.

Contact Pineapple Express via the contact form provided or by the phone number, email & web address below the form.


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