Hundred Acre Bar
Best Outdoor Dining

Carawa St, St Lucia, 4067

Set amongst the green surrounds of Brisbane’s best public golf course, St Lucia’s hundred acre bar is only 7km from Brisbane’s CBD, and is an eclectic amalgamation of the things that make Brisbane's dining culture so special.

hundred acre bar offers a true sensory experience, from the rustic decor to the easterly breezes which roll across the 123 acre fairway and up through the restaurant and bar, you’ll feel the relaxed atmosphere the moment you walk in.

hundred acre bar's menu is an interesting narrative of flavours and ingredients with influences vast and wide. One thing is for sure, the seasonal menu is always fresh and fine, offering something for all tastes. Adding another dimension to the hundred acre bar experience is the extensive selection of beer and wines. This selection also changes with the season and, like the décor, is designed to complement the menu of the moment.

hundred acre bar offers an outdoor dining experience to rival many others, the best and freshest produce cooked well and served by a friendly face meaning the only thing guests need to worry about is the company they invite to share it with.


hundred acre bar is available for private functions & venue hire
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