The Hack is a modern pub situated in an iconic Port Melbourne corner building that dates back to 1860, when it was known as the Fountain Inn. Located on 1 Crockford Street, this venue is spacious and welcoming. During the day it is bright and airy, and at night it’s warm and sultry.

Being a modern take on a pub, the vibe is relaxed and casual. During summer it feels like a beach house, and in winter it’s like a warm feasting hall. Due to its open set-up and large high-top tables in the front area it is a great venue for large groups, and with its more classic low table restaurant section is perfect for dinners as well.

Private Function Room

On the upper level of the venue is the private function room. This room confidently creates a very intimate and special atmosphere. Stylish yet not garish, the room is lit primarily by 4 chandeliers which operate on dimmer switches in the evening, while during the day the large windows along the full length of one side of the room allow sunlight to pour in beautifully. The room even has a fully operational log fireplace.

The private function room has its own bar with 4 taps for beer/cider. It has its own toilet facilities. There is a room at the rear which can be used for storage, as a cloak room, or even a dressing room.

Uses for this room are many as it is an open space. Private parties and celebrations such as birthdays, engagements, wedding celebrations, bucks and hens nights. Corporate events such as seminars, networking events, business lunch/dinner, guest speaker presentations and workshops. Live music works very well. Product launches, fashion shows, short term art exhibitions. This room really is multi-functional. The license is till 1am. Last orders would be called at 12:30. Everyone would have to be out of the room by 01:30 at the latest.

Capacity: sit down meals up to 60 people. Standing/cocktail parties up to 115. Corporate meetings/presentations up to 40. Other set-ups would be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

This room is not suitable for those who require mobility assistance as the room is located at the top of a 21 stair stairwell. The stairwell does have a bannister.

Dining Room

Situated on the ground floor in the main venue area is a semi-private dining room. This room is clean and crisp with the seating situated around a long banquette style table. This room is ideal for smaller get togethers, say for quiet and intimate birthdays, catch up drinks for medium sized groups, family meals, a low key bucks or hens night, and during the week as a workshop space. As it is semi-private and the main venue is through an open archway, this room is not suited for groups that want absolute quiet and privacy. This area is subject to the general bar license which is till 1am.

Seating capacity in this room is 7 to 20. Standing/cocktail can accommodate up to 28.

This room is potentially suitable for those who require mobility assistance, there is a set of 4 stairs in to the room.

Main Bar Function Area

In the heart of the venue, this section is a cordoned off and reserved area that is great for those who want to be in with the rest of the revelry, and for parties and larger groups that do not require a formal or private area. This area is populated with high tables and a couple of couches. Surrounded by the gorgeous big windows on 2 sides the natural light is bright during the day, and then at night it’s atmospheric and sultry with the globe lights dimmed down. This area is subject to the general bar license which is till 1am.

Seating capacity of this area is 20 to 40. Standing/cocktail is 30 to 70.

This area is suitable for those with mobility assistance.

Due to the age of the building and license there is limited wheelchair access to the toilets. This is something we will be addressing in the future.


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