The Hack is a modern pub situated in an iconic Port Melbourne corner building that dates back to 1860, when it was known as the Fountain Inn. Located on 1 Crockford Street this venue is spacious and relaxed. During the day it’s bright and airy, and at night it’s warm and sultry. Being a modern take on a pub, the vibe is relaxed and casual. During summer it feels like a beach house, and in winter it’s like a warm feasting hall. Due to its open set-up and large high-top tables it is a great venue for large groups, and with its more classic low table restaurant section is perfect for dinners as well.

The bar is craft beer centric with a total of 17 taps consisting of 13 of Australia’s finest independent breweries craft brews, 1 delicious medium sweet/dry cider, and 2 house made cocktails. The selection of cocktails is a very solid showcase of several classics side-by-side with The Hacks own crafted cocktails, all of which rotate seasonally. The wine list is ever expanding with attention being paid to wines that are either difficult to get or simply not available in retail. Finishing off the bar is a very solid back bar that’s filled with Australian artisanal gins, fine Whisky’s, Bourbons, and Rums from around the world.

There’s a happy hour from Monday to Friday between 4pm and 6pm during which time you can get $15 jugs of house beer and cider, $8 basic spirits, $8 house white/red/sparkling wine, and $10 Espresso Martini’s. There’s also the ever quirky and fun cocktail of moment that rotates on a fortnightly basis.

With the atmosphere of warm lighting, the smell of smoked foods (there’s a big smoker in the kitchen), and music that flows between 60’s & 70’s classic rock, 80’s electronica, Indie Rock, Delta Blues, Trip-Hop and Hip-Hop, and some late night EDM, The Hack gets the feet stomping, hands clapping, and heads bobbing.

Live music is played on Friday nights from 7pm till 10pm, and then again on Sunday from 4pm till 7pm. Friday nights is pub covers, while Sunday is independent local musicians.


The Hack is available for private functions & venue hire
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