Sitting only metres from the stills that make its core products, STARWARD’s Distillery Bar is the perfect place to start on a whisky journey to remember. Cocktails, collaborative craft beers, charcuterie, cheese and craft spirits permeate the menu that presents our new world whisky in new and exciting ways. The bar naturally celebrates wood in all its forms with whisky barrels, tables made from winery vats and a long tactile bar crafted from what formerly housed rum. High ceilings, raw industrial finishes and greenery break up this warehouse space and create the perfect old-meets-new environment to celebrate a spirit that prides itself as pairing the best of old traditions and new, innovative approaches to drinking.

David Vitale, the founder of Starward, started off with a simple vision; create a uniquely Australian whisky that can be offered to the world with pride. Born and bred in Melbourne, he was inspired to create a spirit that reflects his home town – from its culture to it’s famed ‘four seasons in a day’ temperature swings. It is a city surrounded by some of Australia’s leading wine regions – all within a day’s drive – and is regarded as the microbrewing capital of Australia. While Australia had a well-established small-scale ultra-premium whisky scene, David pioneered an affordable, approachable and distinctly Australian whisky.

The result is STARWARD. A modern Australian whisky, elementally matured for three “Melbourne years” in Australian wine barrels, that pushes the boundaries of what whisky can be.


Starward Distillery is available for private functions & venue hire
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